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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a custom painting cost?

Painting price will depend on the size and number of subjects in the piece, as well as the medium you choose. You can view single subject portrait pricing here. Also, I have established a range of popular sized single subject portraits here. If your project is outside the scope of those portrait packages, I welcome you to contact me or request a quote for your project.

I’m ready for you to paint my pet! What do I do?

You can choose from a range of popular sized single subject portraits here. If you’d like that personal attention, please use my quote form.

How can I keep an eye on your progress?

Please note, I sometimes share works in progress on my site or Facebook page. If you do not wish to have these images published (if they are intended for someone and you do not want to risk them stumbling upon it), please let me know beforehand and all progress will be kept private. I ask that my clients wait for their portrait proof before commenting on their work in progress, as my process may appear awkward to some. I assure you, the end result is worth waiting for!

I want you to LOVE your painting! Not just like it, but love it. Just browse through my gallery to view the comments left by clients and visitors!

I will send the final proof to you (digitally) for your approval once I feel the piece has met my standards. The intention is for you to take the opportunity to scrutinize the piece and be sure that it meets or exceeds your expectations. If you see any areas that you would like revised, that is the perfect time to let me know.

I will not send the proof until I am satisfied that your painting meets my own tough standards. I compare my work to the images I’m given to work from, so the better the image, the better the details!

Once you are completely satisfied and have notified me via e-mail, I will sign the painting, allow it to fully dry, varnish your portrait and ship (full payment must be received prior to shipping).

I use the USPS Priority Mail for shipping, and if you require an alternate shipping method or have an international address, additional shipping charges will apply.

Your painting will arrive ready to frame or hang directly on the wall, based on your selection of ground. If you would like me to select framing for you, provide gift wrap or gift card, additional charges will apply.

I will include a artwork specific Signed Certificate of Authenticity with your artwork, personalized to you or the intended recipient. These are things that are discussed at the end of your project.

As always, if you have any questions, please ask! :)

Ready to proceed? Order your portrait!

Are you running any sales or specials?

Holiday specials, contests and giveaways will be noted in my News section, and on my front page.

Do you have all-inclusive packages available?

Yes! See my most popular pet portrait painting packages right here. These are great packages in my most popular sizes!

I’d like to go ahead and order a custom painting!

Great! Please do that here, fill out as much as you can, and I’ll be in touch!


How long does it take for you to paint something?

If you are considering ordering a custom pet portrait for a special occasion (birthday, holiday, or other gift), please keep in mind that creating a custom portrait takes time. Generally speaking, you should allow 4-6 weeks for your painting to be completed, and additional time for shipping.

On average, I can complete an 8×10 custom portrait over a period of 10-14 days. This does not mean that your portrait can be completed in that time period, as yours may be larger, a more detailed composition and/or I may have several commissions and/or projects ahead of yours.

To secure a spot on my schedule for a special occasion, please contact me. A small (1/3 of the final price), non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot, and is applied to the balance of your piece.

If you do not secure a spot and require expediency on you order, an additional charge will apply based on the size of the painting you order. It is important that you understand that the more time I have to complete a painting, the better it will be!

As you can see, there are several factors in determining the turnaround time.

Can I buy a Gift Certificate

Sure! I’ve added them to my shop. Just select a size, select Gift Certificate, and you’re all set! I’ll send you a beautifully designed certificate you can present on any occasion. These are especially popular for retirement gifts, Christmas gifts, and Anniversaries. (What on earth do you get for a man that has everything? A portrait of his dog (aka best friend), of course!

How can I do this online? How do I know what it’s going to look like?

I sometimes publish work in progress shots on my Blog or Facebook page. You can see from my about page image of me with Thor in front of his portrait with his buddy Oz that I do a bang up job in accuracy with my online presentation. I can’t account for what your monitor settings are, however, so keep that in mind.

What kind of photo do you need? Can you change the pose?

The better the reference photo, the better the portrait result. I can adjust poses, but there are additional charges based on complexity of your request. You can always request a quote for that.

What other medium do you use? How do I choose?

I paint in oils, and draw in graphite. I use Paint Shop Pro, my camera is a Panasonic Lumix, and I use a Wacom Tablet. These are my primary tools, the tools that drive my passion. I paint in other medium, too, those are just my personal favorites at the moment. I dabble in india ink painting, acrylics, enamels, colored pencil, watercolor, oil pastel, pretty much anything with pigment that gets into my hands.

Until 2004, I used several medium including Colored Pencil, India Ink, Acrylic, Watercolor, Chalk and Oil Pastel. In the spring of 2004, I began using Oils and only use other medium on special request. Pricing is based on Oil as the medium of choice. If you prefer a different medium, please contact me to discuss your project and pricing.

What kind of canvas do you use? What sizes are available?

The following links will open in new windows. You will be able to view available sizes and the product I use. Pricing for the ground/support is built-in.

Gallerywrap Canvas: I paint the edges, sometimes continue the painting around to the sides. Always wired & shipped ready to hang. At nearly 1″ in depth, the traditional profile does not require framing. For a deeper canvas and a small additional charge, you can choose 1-1/2″ depth. For larger pieces and an even more dramatic statement, 2-3/8″ depth is available (additional charge will apply).

Canvas Panel: These slip easily into standard frame sizes. As a sidenote, Oil paintings should not be framed directly behind glass. I recommend double-matting panels and framing behind UV glass.

Canvas Panel Board: These can be hung and/or displayed on tabletops. A little more expensive, there may be an additional charge for this support depending on the size of your portrait.

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