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Horse Portrait : Maggie

completed in March, 2009

Custom horse portrait pencil graphite drawing art by Leanne WildermuthSize: 5 x 7″

Medium: Graphite Pencil Drawing

Notes: Each week in 2009, I am giving away one free custom portrait to someone on my blog. The winner is selected based on how their entry inspires me.

Winner of Week #11 was Sue, who submitted a stunning photo of Maggie, with a vision that made me feel like I was standing in a field on a warm summer afternoon.

Read her story here, and view the side by side photo/drawing by clicking here.

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Sue said,

Leanne, I could not have been more thrilled to get any picture. You nailed Maggie to a T. I have looked on the web several times for other artists who paint, draw, etc. any kind of an animal portait and honestly, you are second to none. You just always seem to capture their spirit and their personality and all of the other details as you did with Maggie. There are others who do it well, but not with the detail and the essence of their spirt that are in your work. I know you could not do this unless you loved animals and In person, it was even better. It is so sweet of you to do all of these graphite drawings for people and I know how much they must appreciate them as I have.


4.7.2009 @ 2:54 pm

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