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  • A surprise guest!! (updated 7:45 am)


    Grab your coffee, come outside with me I have to show you these!!

    Just your average day here, I was working away on clearing out the mess I made, getting ready to clean carpets when all of the sudden,
    someone stopped by! You can imagine my surprise, I mean it’s not often a celebrity like this just pops by and waits for you, you know? We were all so excited!! Squealing and being giddy, just your average girls here. ;)

    Yes that was our excitement for the day!

    Here’s a lovely I photographed yesterday morning after giving my babies a little misty drink. See my baby refreshed!

    **I’m adding these from my morning coffee break. Enjoy!!**
    Soaking up the morning sun :)
    More lily blooms
    Morning footsteps on my rooftops!

    Oh alright, enough with the break already. Get back to WORK WORK WORK! Yes, the insulation is ALL DONE. Old stuff out, new stuff in. Area is taped off/sealed, carpets are so clean I hate to replace them, and now all I need is someone to pick up 6 sheets of drywall for me. Ooh yea I was going to call Lowe’s and see if they deliver for free. Yep, then I can drywall, install cabinets, a little floor, and bing-bang-boom, we’re ready to go (rip the rest of the room apart!)..hehe!

    Ok have a great great Wednesday! I can actually kinda relax a little today before I move all of the furniture. Hip hip hooray! ;D

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