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  • Again with the IM’s?!


    He was doing okay at first, actually reading my profile, even clicking through to my blog to see my work. But then it went south. And oh, so fast. Why? Why do people have to be so mean to other people? Does it really matter that I’m conservative? Does that label mean everyone automatically knows where I stand on every issue? Do I even care what political leanings anyone else has? Uh. No. You can be whatever you want to be, it’s a free country. You be nice to me, I’ll be nice to you, and that’s how the world stays a happy place, in my humble opinion. Even respectful disagreements are better than “don’t choke on the kool-aid.” Bah.

    mrasg2468: Hi and sorry to bother you with a random IM but I like your profile and think you are VERY pretty and wanted to say hi to you. My name is Adam.
    mrasg2468: Great paintings…you are very talented
    intricateartist : thank you
    mrasg2468: Hi Leanne, how are you?
    intricateartist : Good, thank you.
    mrasg2468: You painted the mouse?
    intricateartist : yes, i did
    mrasg2468: Incredible
    intricateartist : thanks
    mrasg2468: May I see your cam?
    intricateartist : i’m not painting in the studio right now, i’m working on some graphic designs for other clients.
    mrasg2468: Although I totally oppose your politics I have to say you are talented
    mrasg2468: Maybe you could do a painting of the WMDs so we can see what they look like!
    mrasg2468: (smile)
    mrasg2468: (kiss)
    intricateartist : i don’t judge people by their politics. my husband fought over there and just got back, and we’ve dealt with a lot of negativity (that didn’t come out right) surrounding his participation, it doesn’t bother us if others don’t believe what we believe, we are each free to our own opinions.
    mrasg2468: Yeah and my Brother died in Vietnam ..another horrible invasion
    mrasg2468: Maybe when they pass a law that every chicken hawk member of congress and the administration has to send a kid over they wont be so quick to do it
    intricateartist : my father was in vietnam as well. he supported our efforts there. the great thing about enlistment, you’re free to do that or not, too.
    mrasg2468: yeah love the back door draft going on now where they keep folks wayyy past the time they were supposed to be out
    mrasg2468: bush went to vietnam right?
    intricateartist : i don’t believe so, he was in the national guard from what i understand
    mrasg2468: it doesnt matter you are in a blue state so your vote doesnt really matter when you vote for war mongering idiots like bush anyway
    mrasg2468: take care
    intricateartist : (lol)
    mrasg2468: dont choke on the kool-aid
    intricateartist : good grief, you’re very politically angry, i’m sorry you feel it necessary to lash out on others.

    At this point I selected user options “IGNORE”. Because, well, I have the right and option to do that. And I exercised it.

    So I modified my profile, again. Jeez.


    Jo said,

    They are out there everywhere — and unfortunately for the 1SG and I, we have a couple in our own family. Thank god for ignore LOL :D

    5.28.2005 @ 7:01 am
    Patti said,

    I always figure someone who cannot make an intelligent argument for their views resort to being snide and obnoxious to cover that up.

    5.28.2005 @ 7:24 am

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