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    Bird prints in snow photo by Leanne Wildermuth
    I don’t know about you (though I’m sure I could guess!) but I have had quite enough of this white stuff and these cold temps. Sure, the birdie footprints are adorable and suuuure, I squeed like a little girl when I saw them, but c’mon. I’m ready. Are you ready? Well, then, I invite you to join me in calling it quits for winter. Perhaps with enough positive spring-thinking, we can BE the change!

    (Great, now I have that Michael Jackson song stuck in my head.)


    Amaryllis bloom close up photo by Leanne Wildermuth
    For starters, you just need to close your eyes and dive your nose straight into a beautiful bloom. Inhale, deeply. Okay you might need to squirt a little of your favorite perfume on your monitor first, then try again.

    * * * * *

    To enjoy the FULL Spring Experience, I have set these birds sounds to open in new windows. Click on each one, open the window, and press play. Leave each window playing while you open a new one, and it will sound JUST like my backyard!!

    * * * * *

    Squirrel in a gourd photo by Leanne Wildermuth
    No backyard experience would be complete without a squirrel getting in your face, and in your seed. That’s okay, he needs love, too!

    Junco photo by Leanne Wildermuth
    We love a little Junco action here in our backyard – their chatter is really enjoyable and they are adorable little puffballs in action!

    downy woodpecker male photo by Leanne Wildermuth
    A pair of Downy Woodpeckers are always nearby, the male has a red patch on the back of his head. Easily confused with the Hairy Woodpecker – you just have to pay attention to their size. Downy’s are petite , just slightly larger than a sparrow!

    The Nuthatch is by far my favorite little bird. He’s curious, and sweet, and always ready to pose! Have a listen to his sweet little eeps! You’ll fall in love too, if you aren’t already!

    nuthatch photo by Leanne Wildermuth
    Another shot of my little Nutty, later in the day – the sun shining on his cute little head.
    (I want to love him and hug him and call him George.)

    House finch couple photo by Leanne Wildermuth
    House finches a plenty – there are three pair visiting my feeders at a time right now. They sound a bit like a confused canary, but their song is always identifiable and the mama’s have such a sweet call to their mates.

    House finch couple photo by Leanne Wildermuth
    Very much a pair, they check on each other from across a crowded feeder. Awwww.

    Red Bellied Woodpecker, Female - photo by Leanne Wildermuth
    This gal – she’s a massive hunk of bird! This is a female red-bellied woodpecker. The papa’s head is all red, mama has a patch of gray on her head. I always know when they’re around, their call echos through my neighborhood! I can step out of my car while I’m still in the garage and know if one of them is on my trees. Lovely, lovely birds to watch.

    I hope you enjoyed birdwatching with me today! Think SPRING!!!

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    Pam said,

    :violet: Beautiful!!!!

    3.4.2009 @ 11:51 am
    burdr said,

    So many great photos!

    The feeder the squirrel is in, is that homemade? Did you make it?

    3.4.2009 @ 11:54 am
    Leanne said,

    Thank you!

    The squirrel is sitting in a gourd feeder that I bought from another crafter at a local show. I hang it down low and put peanuts and black sunflower seed in it just for the squirrels!

    3.4.2009 @ 12:45 pm
    Shane said,

    Nice shot, and beautiful!!!!

    3.4.2009 @ 10:14 pm
    Da Goddess said,

    There’s something about that first photo that makes me smile. It’s perfection.

    3.5.2009 @ 12:54 am
    Nicky Bird said,

    What a treat Leanne, thank you for making my day. we have woken to a sprinkling of the white stuff again :no: but spring is just around the corner, it’s got to be !!!

    3.5.2009 @ 2:27 am
    Debra said,

    Oh WOW Leanne I am sitting here listening to all the beautiful
    bird sounds you have supplied us with, it is glorious, it is 8.30pm here in Aus, and it feels like a beautiful spring day. We are coming into our autumn now, and the birds are going away for the duration, I will miss them terribly, but spring will be upon us again soon enough. Thankyou again for the wonderful links. I loved it, the sounds are still with me, and my little dog is cocking his ear to the speakers ROFL it is so funny, he cant work out why the birds are in the little (speaker) boxes lol. I am going to try and save them all so I can put them on again in the morning. It is fabulous, what a wonderful site.

    Cheers Debra (Australia)

    3.5.2009 @ 3:32 am

    I just loved the photos of all the birds! I think you and I are similar, can you believe when I looked at your photography section…the picture you have at the top of your camera…it’s the exact one I just bought!!!! I love it! I would love to ask you tips on shooting the birds. Are you just shooting from the window, what settings do you use. I’m having a little trouble with picture quality because I’m zooming in! I still love it though, I have a huge Canon 20D but it’s just too heavy for me to take in the field when I work. So this should be great, it’s so light!
    I’d love to chat about your photography with the camera, email me if you like! (or facebook!)

    3.5.2009 @ 9:17 am
    Clara said,

    Looks like a beautiful almost spring day! Clara

    3.5.2009 @ 9:36 pm
    10 thank you made my day.

    I have big bird pics to share ( blue heron)

    3.6.2009 @ 8:50 am
    Cristian said,

    Really good photos, my favourite is the second one, thats were de 3 pigeons are.

    3.10.2009 @ 2:38 am

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