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      I am busy painting Christmas commissions! Sharing progress on my personal Facebook so I don’t ruin any surprises! If you’d like to see them, send me a friend request! :)


      I’ve just completed my Week #42 custom portrait giveaway winner, Ace’s portrait. Have a look at it here (or become a fan & view it full size on Facebook!)


      My weekly portrait contest is going to be a couple of days behind this week – two Senior portrait sessions in a row and hundreds of photos to edit! Stay tuned!


      Never try to repair a sagging gutter with standing water in it by whacking the underside with a hammer. Bad idea. Bad.


      Just wanted to give those of you who are working on spring landscaping a quick tip on how to grow grass super fast! Read: How To Grow Grass, Fast! Updated with before & after pics of my yard!


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