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  • They’re Baaaaaack!


    They’re back!

    I saw a Ruby Throated Hummingbird the day before yesterday when I put fresh nectar out, he must have gone and told all the other Hummies about us. I’ve been waiting, patiently, for the opportune time to photograph them, and that’d be around now (noon’ish). She seems to be getting comfortable with me near her now, I’ve been standing about 2 feet from her (behind glass) and she’s been checking me out a bit. It won’t be long before she perches for me. Have you ever seen a Hummingbird perched? They’re amazing. Here’s a photo I took last summer.

    One more for good measure (you’ll be seeing SO much of her, I’m sure!)

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    Black Squirrel Mama


    Warm Fuzzy Bunnies


    Mama bunny has been hanging out in our yard lately, isn’t she lovely? I’ve wondered where she might be nesting. I found out yesterday while I was mowing the lawn. I startled a baby bunny foo foo, and quickly got the mower out of his way and directed him back to his wittew bitty bunny hole. He’s so cuuuuute! Oh we were all girly about it over here, gushy over the fuzzy sweet little baby bunny! Awwwwww… now don’t you want to see him? Yes, I know you do.

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    Gold Gerbera


    For all of you daisy lovers, here’s another one from my garden that I photographed yesterday. Just to prove not all my daisies are pink!

    And for Clara, who wants to know the status of that Dewdrop Daisy, and others who want to know what she’s talking about, it’s here, and it still looks like that. Why? Because I approached the piece all wrong, and every time I thought about painting more on it I stressed myself out. It wasn’t worth it. I still have the unfinished work, but it’s stored now, and maybe I’ll try again on a fresh canvas if I can work it through in my head first.

    I have also been having difficulty remembering my dreams lately to blog them. Lastnight, however, was a doozie and I remembered most of it. I’m hoping that dream is truly just a dream!

    Have a Daisy Day


    Another Pink Gerbera Daisy (a next-door neighbor to this guy here) opened up and enjoyed a brief shower of sunshine yesterday. We also had our very first Primrose bloom in a sea of what look like weeds right now.

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    Thursday Thirteen #31


    thursday thirteen

    Thirteen Things about Leanne, Thursday, May 4, 2006
    My other Thirteens
    This week I thought I’d let my photography speak for me. Here are Thirteen Macro Photographs I took especially for today’s Thursday Thirteen. If a picture is truly worth 1,000 words, that’d make this entry worth 13,000 words. That has to be some sort of a record!

    There are 12 more, have a look!

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    Bathing Beauties


    Daddy Goldfinch

    Daddy House Finch

    Mourning Dove

    Saving Babies


    This, these birds, this is what my day was all about yesterday. It wasn’t about the demolition. It was all about the babies.

    I made phone calls – lots of phone calls, first. I called two places who said they remove and rescue birds. They offered no help and little advice. “Move them to a tree, hope for the best.” No referring phone numbers – except to the DNR, and that guy said “sorry, I deal with fish, try the DoC.” The lady at the DoC about hung up on me, she couldn’t have cared less. No referrals to anyone else who might take them, incubate them, raise & release. Nothing.

    So, when I took two nests down from under the carport, I had my fingers crossed for eggs. Brand new eggs, even. I would have carried less guilt that way if the parents never went back to their nests.

    The first nest was well built, so when I took it down I started peeking around for eggs. It was built with a false bottom – I swear – eggs started falling out and splattering all over the ground. It broke my heart to throw such a well built nest into the dumpster.

    Poor Lisa, she did her best to console me. I was such a mess – especially after I took the second nest down. Babies. Brand new babies. Oh no.

    I moved them to a tree our sprarrows frequent. High up into the side of the tree. No luck. Mom & dad just sat there, fretting about where their nest once was.

    I made a makeshift ledge out of a wire shelf and put it on the fenceline where they are always perched. They noticed it was there, but apparently didn’t recognize their babies chirping inside.

    We waited, and we watched. Both mom & dad kept going to the spot their nest used to be. Mom went down directly below it a couple of times, looking around on the ground – so I put the nest down there. Again, she stood right next to it, but didn’t go in.


    I put the nest back on the shelf and left them alone for a few hours. When we returned from dinner, it was getting dark – and no sign of mom & dad. My daughter and I were really upset over the impending death of these babies, so I started googling local wildlife rehabilitators. I found a name – called the gal, and she couldn’t take them. She gave me the number of another woman who handles birds and I called her. I was so relieved when she said “bring ’em over!” – I grabbed the nest, put them in a box, and my daughter and I headed over to her house.

    I touched one of the babies on the way over – and he was cold. They weren’t moving, either. I asked my daughter to breathe onto them and it didn’t take long before they warmed up and started peeping. We giggled and listened to them peep and watched them open their beaks wide for food. I could tell this was going to be Cait’s thing – she took to them and wanted to care for them, and on the way home she said she wanted to do that all the time. (She’ll probably soon realize that it’s not all fun and peeping, there’s a lot of death involved, and she’ll change her mind like I did.)

    The gal that is caring for them is really sweet, and she was so excited to see them all active. She had a heating pad ready and told us we were welcome to call in a few days to see how they’re doing. She seemed confident that they’d be just fine.

    Phew. I didn’t realize the level of guilt I felt all day until I got back into the car and breathed a big sigh of relief. They’re going to be fine. We saved the babies!!

    (Good job, my little Rescue Catybug!)

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