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  • LifeCruiser Red Blog Design


    LifeCruiser Red Sunset Ship at Sea nautical theme custom wordpress blog design

    Seeing as how Halloween is over, I thought I’d better get on the stick with LifeCruisers’ next theme (and there will be yet another one making its debut at the beginning of the new year!).

    ->frustrated interjection while typing… where on EARTH does the apostrophe go?!?! I never get that right. /end interjection

    I launched her new theme lastnight, and it’s really very cool, and sunsetty, and really makes me long for the ocean where you can watch the sun as it appears to slip away from the whole planet. Go on and check out the details, comments, and oh – the footer! Scroll down to the bottom for the full effect of ocean-ness that is her new design.

    And also, yes, I’m finally starting to feel better. STARTING to feel better. uuurrgh. Thank you for thinking of me, I love you like you a whole lot, too!

    A Couple of Cool Blog Designs


    I’ve had the pleasure of designing for Kelsey before, so when she came back to EWebscapes for two designs and asked for me, I was so excited! I was even more excited that she was open for change – she’s moved her old Typepad blog to her very own domain, and made the switch to WordPress! Yay!!

    Her project request was to have two designs that coordinate, but don’t look the same. She liked the color scheme she had before – pinks, browns and greens, and she wanted texture and depth. Her blog, the first project, was fun and very feminine, and I incorporated a couple of different patterns with a few solids, and it turned out really fun and very pretty!

    holy mama custom blog design wordpress ewebscapes designer

    Those of you that know Kelsey know that she’s a writer, and she is having her first book published. From her site: A Love for Larkspur is Kelsey’s debut novel. It won second place in the Lonestar, and will be released by Capstone Fiction.

    She wanted her professional site to be clean, but still incorporate those textures and colors that she loves – presented in a professional and creative way. I designed a clean, contemporary blog for her that coordinates nicely with her personal blog, and now her readers can subscribe to either of her domains to receive updates on her writing and/or her posts.

    kelsey kilgore author custom blog design ewebscapes designer

    All in all, both of these designs really fed my creative girly side, and I enjoyed working with Kelsey again. She’s really a lot of fun and a very sweet – so stop by and say hello, and make her a regular read!

    LifeCruiser Halloween Blog Design


    Are you into Halloween? Yes? Then you might dig this design I just launched over at LifeCruiser. It is SPOOKfreakyTACULAR. You must go see it. Right now. Wait – hold on – turn your volume up a little. Okay.

    Now go.

    P.S. The Cap’n is also having a blogwarming party tomorrow (Friday) so stop over for that, too!

    Miscmum Blog Design


    custom wordpress blog design three column miscmum
    I added another new blog design to my portfolio this weekend, putting the finishing touches on Miscmum late Friday night (early Saturday morning, Aussie time!). She made the leap from Blogger to WordPress (smart, smart girl) and she’s still getting her feet wet working in the admin panel and finding her way around.

    I fixed her up with a whole new custom design – built her own personal privacy fence, you might say. I added some VIP (very important plugins) to her installation, among them are Instant Upgrade and PlugInstaller. These are two biggies that will really get her going in the right direction. (Also, for those of you wondering lately where the preview pane went with your upgrade, you need to grab the Preview Frame plugin.)

    Go on over and welcome Miscellaneous-Mum to the Wonderful World of WordPress, let her know what your favorite plugin is, and make sure you add her to your feedreader, too!

    Lulu’s Laundry Blog Design


    Lulu's Laundry Blog WordPress custom design template
    I launched a new blog design yesterday, Lulu’s Laundry. After slaving over a hot umm…mouse all week, finishing up her blog actually inspired me to wash the bedding. Urgh. That’s not supposed to happen. But it did, and the sheets were clean and warm and cozy lastnight, and I have Lulu to thank.

    Lulu moved to her new domain from She’s hosted with BlueHost and for the life of me – I would love to know why on earth they won’t allow their clients to have their own ding-dang favicon. It’s supposed to be there, but NooOOO, all I see is a stupid blue box thing. :grumble: I made one. I uploaded it, BlueHost. Leave her favicon alone!

    Did I say that out loud?! Wooops.

    So, Yes. She moved to her new domain, and I installed WordPress, of course, and then imported her posts and comments with WP’s cool export & import tool – then stocked her installation with fun plugins for stats and comments and headline images (oh my!). I also imported her blogroll, another fine feature of WordPress – so she’s got all of the features she’s used to, and then some.

    Lulu was also kind enough to really point out all the little details that make her design so special to her (and me, yes, me. It’s special to me, too. They all are.), go on over and have a look! Even her error page is cute, people. And the footer? heh –

    Lulu’s Laundry Custom Design Hand Stitched & Washed with Mild Soapy CSS
    by Yours Truly.
    Why are you still here?

    Snarkypants Blog Design


    custom wordpress blog design snarky fun template upgrade and plugins' class=

    I’ve been working on Snarkypants (aka Lisa’s) blog design for a few days – and just completed her upgrade, design and plugin installation. It’s really cute and fun, she gave me creative license with a few must-haves (coffee, cats, books and computers – absolutely!), and I turned it into a whole new look with many new features and functions – her WordPress blog has much more “oompf” now.

    I should mention that Lisa splurged on this design as an early B-day gifty for herself. Much deserved, I say. A new look, a cuppa joe and a handful of Werther’s – she’s ready to blog!

    Go on over and have a look – let her know how you like her new digs!

    Miserere Mei Blog Design


    I completed this design for EWebscapes this week, Miserere Mei is written by Rev. Daniel Sparks, who is currently deployed to Iraq.

    Rev. Daniel J. Sparks is a priest of the United Episcopal Church of North America (UECNA). He is also a Christian activist, writer, and social commentator.

    Father Sparks is a native of Lawrence County, Alabama.

    Fr. Sparks studied American Political History at The University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa), where he earned the Bachelor of Arts. He completed graduate work at Samford University’s Beeson Divinity School (Birmingham, Alabama) where he received the Master of Divinity.

    Ordained as a deacon in 2002, Fr. Sparks served at Tribe of Christ Church in Leeds, Alabama, and as curate at the Alpha and Omega Anglican Cathedral in Luverne, Alabama. After his ordination to the priesthood in 2003, Fr. Sparks served as a campus ministry associate at The University of Alabama and as an associate parish priest in Bessemer, Alabama.

    His design was inspiring and soothing to work on, and he is a wonderful person to work with.

    Southern Social Blog Design


    southern social custom blog design ewebscapes wordpress pink black atlanta blog' class=
    I had the pleasure of launching a blog design today for Southern Social, in all its preppy-chic pink and blackness, and I’m so excited to have had the opportunity to work on this project! Leslie is an Atlanta blogger, and I can really see her turning it into an Atlanta hot spot for info on dining and hitting the hot spots around town. I’m looking forward to seeing how her blog grows in readership and popularity now that she’s switched from Blogger to WordPress. Yeah! Another great decision made by a very smart blogger!

    (I love it when people get their own domain names. Love. Pink, puffy, big and fluffy hearts.)

    I installed WordPress on her new domain and imported her blogger posts with just a click of a button. Okay, a couple of clicks – but it really is easy – you should do it, too!

    Go on and visit Leslie and say hello, show her some of that Southern hospitality she’s used to!

    Just another super cool blog design brought to you by yours truly through EWebscapes Blog Design Studio.

    “We Love What We Do!”

    Fruit of the Spirit Blog Design


    fruit of the spirit custom wordpress blog design' class=
    “But the Fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” Galatians 5:22-23

    Debbie has been a regular reader and friend of mine for a long time now. She’s sweet and kind and peaceful, and she has three beautiful cats, too.

    You can imagine how tickled I was when she ordered a new design through EW and requested me, and then gave me artistic freedom with her new blog design. A couple of key words and an open mind – what more could a girl ask for? Her earthy color scheme with a touch of berry make her new look feel very calming and spa-like to me.

    Stop over and say hi, and browse through her photography while you’re there, too!

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