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    I got to work on the climby squirrel yesterday, Robin and Lesley knew exactly what I had in mind for this climby squirrel. He’s SO COOL. I finished up this wicked neat graphic design using his photo and I think you have to have one of these t-shirts. Go here to see my broad selection of Climby Squirrel Shirts in my new CafePress store.

    Of course I need a caption, or two or three, so this is where you come in. Got any good ones? (I know you do. Spill it.)

    I Am Not Obsessed


    In an effort to dispel any untruths out there about my obsession with squirrels, I’ve rummaged through hundreds (cough) of photographs just to prove that they are, indeed, cute as hell and I have a justifyable urge to capture them from every angle.

    Now I’m faced with an even bigger dilemma – which one to put on a shirt? If you can stand the cuteness, go on and pick your favorite from the seven squirrels I’ve chosen. I am, seriously, going to design a shirt. I can’t disappoint Mr. Dell dude, now can I?

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    Backing Up Is Hard To Do


    An imaginary conversation with a Dell Backup Support Tech today would go something like this:

    Dell: Thanks for calling Dell support, how can I help you today?
    Me: Well, I’m in a panic. I bought these DVD 4.something gig CD’s so that I could backup my hard drive, and they don’t work. Why doesn’t my drive recognize them?
    Dell: Well, doh, you don’t have a DVD write drive.
    Me: Nobody told me I needed one of those!
    Dell: That’s why you should upgrade your computer every 6 months to the latest and greatest thing, you know.
    Me: Well, crud. I’ve only had this one for 4 or 5 years. It’s out of date? That’s what you’re saying?
    Dell: Yes ma’am. Can I build you a customized computer today?
    Me: Um, no. Thanks. I would like to know how I’m going to fit 3 gig folders onto a 700 meg CDR without burning out the antiqued drive that I do have, though.
    Dell: You’ll have to split up your files, ma’am.
    Me: But I don’t want to. I have all of my photography split into months, and each month is about 3 gig.
    Dell: What on earth do you take pictures of?
    Me: Squirrels, mostly.
    Dell: You have that many squirrels, ma’am?
    Me: I’m fond of my squirrels.
    Dell: How fond?
    Me: Um, I have about 400 pictures a month that are just squirrels.
    Dell: Obsess much?
    Me: Sometimes. They’re cute, you know.
    Dell: I think you have a problem.
    Me: Yes, exactly. How do I get all of these pictures to this itty bitty CDR?
    Dell: No, I mean I think you have a different kind of problem.
    Me: I have a lot of problems. Can we stick to the CDR thing?

    (end completely awkward and totally fictional conversation with Dell support.)

    I’ve been shopping for formal gowns, too. We’re attending a Military Ball and I haven’t a THING to wear. I also want to choose something that is appropriate for a wedding/cocktail/reception in July. Any good store recommendations?

    Hot, Hot, Hot.


    It’s another scorcher of a day. I can’t even think of anything to say other than “dayum, it’s hot.” And I’m a summer girl. I prefer sweating over freezing my tootsies off in 30 below any day.

    Today though? I’m |<>| this close to reconsidering. (Note: Not reconsidering. Just close.)

    My poor plants are flopping over from the heat,

    Birds are panting,

    Evil grackles are dirtying up all the fresh bath water,

    and the squirrels are dying for a dip in the pool.

    It’s too hot to even eat sitting up.

    Thankfully, this is going to break in a day or two – at least that’s what the forecast is for now. Meanwhile, does anyone know if it’s safe to transplant Azalea’s in this kind of heat? At dusk, or early morning? Should I wait for a nice cool 80 degree day? Ugh. It’s hot.

    Sammy Davis Jr. Squirrel


    Our squirrels were just hamming it up yesterday, this one looks like he’s doing a Sammy Davis Jr. imitation doesn’t he?

    We don’t have any plans for today, how about you? I’ve already toned the paper for my next portrait, which is going to be a chalk/pastel painting (they’re actually Yarka crayons, although I have no idea why they’ve called them crayons), I’ll post a work in progress on that when I have my subjects sketched.

    The Tater background isn’t dry enough for me to work on yet today, so I’ll be working on my custom blog artwork piece. That one has progressed from a pencil sketch to a clean line drawing and is now becoming a very cool and vivid graphic illustration. It’ll be neat to see it go live within the new blog design for this client! Once my main gallery layout is revised (again), I’ll add a gallery specifically for screen shots of where my E.Webscapes client work is located. That will be a fun addition to my portfolio I think!



    Are you lookin’ at me? C’mon over here, I’m gonna slap you silly.


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