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  • Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint,
    and the soil and sky as canvas.
  • Orioley-Oley-Oh


    female oriole bird photo
    I’ve never seen an Oriole before, but according to BDI, that’s what this is. Woot! New birds in my yard! She’s sweet, and curious. I’ll try to get better pics next time!

    Soft & Pretty


    My gerbera daisies are still blooming – I even have clematis this year (go me and my 5 year failed vining attempts!), and there are 5 freshly clipped roses on my dining room table.

    I am going to miss my flowers.

    I turned the heat on lastnight, for the first time, and I mourned the loss of summer. We’re expecting our first frost in the next few days.

    I woke up this morning and put on a cozy warm fleece shirt. My nose is cold. My fingers are cold. My toes are cold, and I’ve had socks on for three days in a row. In another month, I’ll be buying bundles of stargazers to keep me from dropping off into a snowy cold depression from what appears to be a long winter coming.

    I go through these transitions every season, a few weeks of “icks” and then it passes, after I’ve gotten all the summer clothes packed away, all the winter sweaters, jackets, coats and gloves washed and ready to go. I’ll get over it.

    I’m just a spring and summer girl, that’s all. If I lived in a warmer climate, I’m certain I’d be happy all year.

    Backyard Birding


    I had to start with a hummy, because they’re my favorite. How anyone can tire of seeing them I don’t know – but if you have, my apologies. The original photograph is amazing, the little splotch on her throat is a red feather that has been magnified by a drop of nectar (sugar water) that’s trailed down her beak onto her neck. We’ve been watching her for days, she’s feeding quite a bit, which I understand means that cold weather is very near. (waah!)

    red breasted nuthatch photography
    This is a Red Breasted Nuthatch. This one is new to our yard, I’ve never seen one in person before. I thought it was a Chickadee at first, until I saw the color of his breast. He’s smaller than our White Breasted Nutties, but does act as skittish and flighty as a Chickadee.

    house finch conjunctivitis
    This pitiful looking House Finch gal has conjunctivitis. “Pink eye” spreads like wildfire among house finches, and it’s got nearly every one of them that visits our yard now. I spotted a male who was probably 90% blinded by it and when he flew, he couldn’t see to land – so he kept trying to land on things until he flew straight into a tree. It’s sad, because they do become completely blinded by the disease and die from it, or from the side effects of it, like running into stuff. There was a female at our feeder a week or two ago, and I walked right up to her and tried to give her some thistle. She didn’t even know I was there.

    This is just pitiful, isn’t it? It’s a CardiVulture. (haha!) Really, this Cardinal is just molting, but man he’s scary looking. Big bald black head and bulgy eyes next to a bright red beak – stuck on top of a red floofy feathered body. Seriously, this must be torture for him. I’m sure he’s not used to being so freaky looking! His baby girl flew into the studio window a couple of days ago and I think she broke her wing. I tried to help her but she was well enough to hop away – not well enough to fly. I didn’t see where she went, but she did go in the opposite direction of the danger zone (where she surely would have been an afternoon snack), so I hope she’s okay and found a safe place to recover, if they recover from broken wings, that is.

    Lord, No.


    Say it isn’t so.



    I’ve got twins! We had a pair of conjoined daises last year, honestly they’re the wierdest looking things to watch blooming. I walk past and start singing that tune from Sesame Street (you know the one)…

    “One of these things is not like the others,
    One of these things just doesn’t belong,
    Can you tell which thing is not like the others
    By the time I finish my song?”

    Random Photography


    There’s my little Nutty again, he was posing for me yesterday and I couldn’t resist. Just a sweet little thing, isn’t he?

    More random eye candies for you:

    An egret that we saw on the way back from the museum last week. I was totally enamored by his reflection in the pond and have several photos of him that are ‘ok’ to me, I just enjoy looking at the composition. It was neat to watch him fishing, too!

    This, I loved. Of course, my hummies. She thought she’d be sneaky, and eat on the side that I couldn’t see her on. haha! Chickeymonkey saw this photo and said “How’d she get in there, mommy?”

    Our floppy dog, Tucker. (He’s a 16 wk. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, for those just meeting him) Yes, he’s sleeping on the vent again. He lays like this all the time. It’s fun to watch him go from standing to this position!

    We did go to the Museum yesterday and saw some really beautiful bird photography. I took a few pics of the sections where mine are hanging, I’ll get those pics ready and show you later.

    I hope you’re having a good weekend!

    Curious Ruby


    ruby throated hummingbird male perched sitting
    This is such unusual behavior for the Ruby Throated Males that I’ve seen at our feeder. I was at the window. Smack in front of the window, not more than 12 inches from him behind glass, and he was so curious! His coloring is just brilliant. I have several – and I mean several shots of him. He drank, and peeked over at me, and drank, and peeked again. His head contorted and stretched, his eyes wide.

    If you’ve never seen a Hummingbird in real life this close, here you go!

    New Hummy Feeder


    How exciting to be able to capture my hummingbirds resting during a feeding! It is so cool to see them perched. I have a pair of Ruby Throated Hummingbirds, the male has a black head and bright red neckband – this one is the female of the pair. (I’m pretty sure, anyway!)

    I picked up a new feeder the other day, and chose one with the rim that they can perch on. I hoped for a good shot, I’ve seen the male several times resting on it and sticking his tongue out, even opening his beak to clean himself. It’s the neatest thing!

    This shot was taken zoomed in on the feeder that hangs outside our front window. I’ve got a 12x optical zoom on my Lumix, in case you’re wondering – there are no special lenses on my camera. I was on the couch, halfway across the room with low interior light since it’s about dusk. I lightened up the foreground a bit in PSP so you can see her coloring and detail. Gorgeous, gorgeous birds. I will never cease to be amazed by them.

    Hot, Hot, Hot.


    It’s another scorcher of a day. I can’t even think of anything to say other than “dayum, it’s hot.” And I’m a summer girl. I prefer sweating over freezing my tootsies off in 30 below any day.

    Today though? I’m |<>| this close to reconsidering. (Note: Not reconsidering. Just close.)

    My poor plants are flopping over from the heat,

    Birds are panting,

    Evil grackles are dirtying up all the fresh bath water,

    and the squirrels are dying for a dip in the pool.

    It’s too hot to even eat sitting up.

    Thankfully, this is going to break in a day or two – at least that’s what the forecast is for now. Meanwhile, does anyone know if it’s safe to transplant Azalea’s in this kind of heat? At dusk, or early morning? Should I wait for a nice cool 80 degree day? Ugh. It’s hot.

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