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    denim levis shorts photo leanne wildermuth
    I was bored and had my camera in my lap. These are my Levi’s denim shorts.
    male cowbird drinking photo leanne wildermuth
    Who, me? Pose? Lemme swallow, first…. ::gulp:: Okay, shoot!
    (male cowbird.)

    downy woodpecker female
    Hey Fred! They’re fresh out of suet — c’mon over here!
    (female downy woodpecker.)

    chipping sparrow bird photo leanne wildermuth
    Hi! I’m Chip! Chip! Chip! Chip!!! CHIP CHIP CHIP CHIP!
    (chipping sparrow.)

    batik iris tiger honey photo leanne wildermuth
    I am infatuated with my new Batik Irises. This is a Tiger Honey.

    dusty bunny relaxed stretched mini rex photo leanne wildermuth
    Ooooh so comfortabuhhllllsssss. Dusty Bunny says “Yessss”.

    dusty bunny relaxed stretched mini rex photo leanne wildermuth
    Extreme close up of Mini Rex comfortabuhllness. Stretch those kickers!

    strawberry ripe photo leanne wildermuth
    mmmm. Strawberries.

    german bearded iris macro photo leanne wildermuth
    A gigantic German Bearded Iris that I cut and brought inside to enjoy.

    knockout rose bush photo leanne wildermuth
    My Knockout Rose bushes are in bloom – don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!


    Easter 2008


    easter egg 2008 john 3:16' class=
    Happy Easter.
    The girls eggs are beautiful, I couldn’t resist sharing them, and the verse. A couple more eggs after the jump. Caution – one of the eggs is a little cracked.

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    Aaaah the Good Life.


    mini rex bunny opal gray belly rub' class=

    Yes, it’s true. Our Dusty bunneh truly enjoys a good belly rubbin’ – and we thoroughly enjoy giving them to her! So. Soft. Aaaaahhhhhh yes, like the softest snuggly cozy blanket – only better, ‘cos she gives kisses.

    The softest, sweetest bunneh on the planet. And she’s alll mine. You cannot have her.

    (Doesn’t she look JUST like Thumper?!)

    ::off to snurgle the bunneh::

    Which one here doesn’t belong?


    mini opal rex baby bunny 10 weeks' class=
    Lesson learned:
    Don’t turn your back on your bunneh whilest you change her litter box,
    you might not be able to find her until you start looking for your favorite slippers.

    Because I’m Busy, That’s Why.


    Queue On-hold Music… er, Bunneh. Your new Hostess of the Holding Pattern, Dusty, would like to amaze you with her crazy ability to stand and walk like a human! Yes, she can! Especially if you have a grape.

    opal mini rex bunny girl 10 weeks' class=

    Do you have a grape? Everybunny should have one.

    My Bunneh is Lazy.


    In an effort to make Dusty more comfy cozy in her new home, we spoil her rotten. She immediately took to her litter box as a bed, so the way it’s supposed to go is that you move things to each corner of the cage in an effort to litter train your critter. They’re obviously not gonna go on their toys or food, but she was doin’ her doody under her water bottle. I switched places then, put her litter box where the water bottle was and her bottle where her box was. Then she began lying under her water. Rmpf.

    Enter hubby (he who had to be convinced, remember?) – suggesting I go get her a proper “bed”. I head off to the store and pick up a variety of things to try. I found a hide-a-way box, and thought it would fit nicely in her cage and she’d fit into it for a while, at least. I get home and get it situated in her designated bed spot, and she digs it. So I move her food over to the only corner left, which is in front of this little circle window in her new little room.

    Supah Lazy Bunneh figures out within seconds that she can reach her water bottle and pull it over toward her, making herself a little eat-in window.

    mini rex bunny opal 8 weeks' class=

    Yes, now she doesn’t even have to hop two hops out of her hide-a-bed to eat. What a laaaaazzyyyy bunneh she is! So I prepare her dinner and put it in front of her window.

    opal mini rex 8 weeks old' class=

    Oh, yes, she is a happy bunneh.

    Quinnie, on the other hand, is a little tickered off that Dusty is getting all the attention. He would like to remind you that he was here first, and he is a good boy and a very pretty bird. Loudly.

    quaker parrot quintin

    Meet my new Bunneh!


    Dusty opal Rex bunny 6 weeks old' class=

    Oh, it was love at first sight. I went to the pet store yesterday to pick up some goodies for Cocoa when I passed by the bunnies. And there she was. In all her Thumper-like glory, Dusty and I locked eyes and little cartoon hearts floated above our heads. I grabbed the cell out of my purse and called home.

    Me: “Honey. Can I have a bunny?”
    Him: “What?!”
    Me: “A bunny. She’s a rex bunny and I love her. Can I have her?”
    Him: “NO. What the he** are we gonna do with a bunny?!”
    Me: “Love her. Play with her and pet her, OMG SHE’S SO SOFT.”
    Him: “Where are we going to PUT a bunny?!”
    Me: “In my studio. I’ll make room.”
    Him: “Well let’s all come down there later this afternoon and see her first.”
    Me: “uurrrghhh fine. okay.”

    And an hour later, he was all “What kind of bunny?” and he googled her breed and within like 10 minutes he said “pack up the girls and go get her, then.” And I was all “SQUEEEE!!!!”

    And here she is, the newest addition to our family, Dusty. She’s an chinchilla Opal (colored) Rex bunny, and she’s simply adorable. Softer than cotton and cuter than cute, she snuggles and licks and nudges and she likes to sleep on my shoulder. Awwwww.

    I lurrrve my bunneh.

    Click for a couple more pics of Dusty:

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