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  • How Far I’ll Go For $2.


    furry winter flip flops' class=
    You got it, folks. For just $2, I’ll wear furry flip flops in the middle of winter. I found these awesome little flip flops on clearance at Meijers while on a trip up to the Burbs to see my family this weekend. Of course Chickeymonkey had to re-paint my toes before I’d take a photo to show you (so don’t judge the polish – or you’d definitely get the big puppy dog eyes from my sweet six year old who did a FANTASTIC job.) – these are just pure genius. Like UGG’s for flip flop addicts.

    I hate winter. I do. (This is not new to most of you.) Winter makes my feet dry out to the point where the edges of the cracks in my heels could kill a person, or maybe just perhaps give an irritating sharp little jab. I don’t know that these will cure the dryness, but they sure as heck make me feel a little bit closer to summer!

    Lovin’ my new furry flip flops. With a big huge pink puffy heart.

    The Sneaker Experiment


    Like every good girl on the planet, I have a special place in my heart, and closet, for shoes. There’s a shoe for every mood, and every occasion. Some shoes can cross over, most can’t. I have a couple pair of mules – slip-on’s, we call them, of the backless kind. I like them, because as much as I love shoes, I am lazy about them. With these, there’s no bending involved, you just step in and go. Perfect! I’ll take two pair -one dressy, one casual. Oh but wait – I forgot – one in sneakers, too!

    sneaker experiment shoe painting craft' class=For months, I’ve been on the search for the perfect pair of mule tennis shoes. At last, they’re mine! The only problem? They’re white. OHHH how I hate white. It’s so, so – so absent of color! Bah!

    White and I only get along in small doses, when surrounded by color. So herein lies my problem. How am I going to color these shoes?

    By the way, these were the bargain of the year at just $5 – so I could NOT say no to these well padded 1980’s reminiscent sneakers.

    Back to the problem. They’re white. What can I paint them with that won’t bleed onto my socks or fade – Sharpies? Food coloring? Clothing dye? (None of which I have on hand. Honestly.) – and more importantly, what color do I want them?

    As luck would have it, my wonderful hubby had just cooked dinner. Teriyaki chicken. Mmmm. And you know, I thought to myself, teryaki stains clothing. Yes, it does. And yes, I did.

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    Paper Shoes


    My daughter, the papercrafter. Lastnight she amazed and astonished me with her latest paper creation, sandals. She made them for the Chickeymonkey out of one single piece of paper. Neat, huh?

    Yes, there are some slight manufacturing problems that need to be overcome, but what do you think? Have I got myself a future shoe designer or what? She can make paper patterns of her shoes, and sell the designs, and be rich and famous by the time she’s 15.

    My head is just spinning right now, I’ve got a ton of thoughts and ideas swirling in my mind about my blog, website, marketing, custom portraits, pricing etc. I’m feeling like I need to make some major changes, but I’m still trying to pinpoint what those are. I also need to get my floral piece finished!

    The last few weeks have been pretty strange for me, if you didn’t notice. I’ve gone from painting every single day to wanting to paint, but feeling like if I do I am neglecting my kids. So I make plans with them and we do things and have fun, since it is summer vacation. I’m venturing into photography more than I thought I would be, which I am really enjoying. It feels like a very natural thing for me to do, and doesn’t even make me feel guilty! (You guys aren’t used to that though huh? You miss my painting updates, I can tell.)

    I could take the whole summer off, and thinking about that makes me envision my whole painting career being slowly gulped down by a huge toilet. I’m at a bit of a crossroads, wishing there was enough time in the day to do it all, to be everything I want to be (when I grow up), and being realistic. It seems like every day I wake up and have a plan, and by 10AM I’ve changed it a thousand times over!

    I hate when that happens.

    So I’m trying to chill out a bit. To just go with the flow, not worry about things, not stress that I haven’t painted so much lately. Not stress when the girls are off playing “Let’s make paper shoes” for a few hours, because they really are having a good time. Not worry that since it’s been a week, I’ve probably completely forgotten how to paint.

    See? (Care you’re right!) It seems my head likes to make stuff up to worry about. I’ve been working on that. Just breathe deeply, eat right, and enjoy every moment with whatever it brings.

    Mark and I are going to do some business brainstorming tonight though. It’s going to be an interesting evening, and hopefully a very productive one. :)

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    That would be super helpful in deciding what changes I need to make. THANKS!

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