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  • Lee, Thou Hast Redeemed Thy Denim.


    leejeans.jpgFor years, Lee Jeans have been atop my “Jeans to NEVER try on again” list. Obviously, I lost either my list or my mind, because I slipped into a pair of these new Custom Fit Collection Jeans the other day. I was impressed.

    Levi’s stole my heart a long time ago in the jeans department. They fit like jeans should fit, at least on my lumpy bumps they do. They’ve spoiled me with their straight legs, low rise and invisible seams. I am not a yellow/orange thread on dark denim kind of girl. That is at the top of page 3 in my “Things That Are Tacky” book (not yet sold in stores). The pockets – oohhh the pockets. They’re meant to make your backside look a little bit country, you know, and that’s just what this midwestern girl needs.

    Now Lee has finally figured it out. The straight leg. The slight stretch jean. The comfort waist that – although is a little wierd at first – leaves absolutely NO gap. No valley’s will be catchin’ air with these jeans. They have a straight leg, not too tight, not too loose – and they’re just the right length. (Pants that drag on the floor: bottom of page 2.)

    Thank you, Lee. I am impressed. I can now officially rescind my “I’ll never own a pair of Lee Jeans” declaration that I have repeated (to myself, mainly) over the last couple of decades.

    I must know – who has stolen your heart in the jeans department, and which jeans will never see the inside of your fitting room?

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