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  • Don't forget to stop and smell the Roses.
  • Frappr Map : Where are You?


    Because everybody’s doing it. The peer pressure was unbearable. I couldn’t take it anymore!


    Go on, you know you wanna! Tell me where you are!

    Pumpkin Update


    I’ve activated the Poll for the pumpkin carving contest on my sidebar.

    You can view current entries HERE, and vote if you’d like!

    I’ve also amended the contest rules for last minute carvers, you can enter your pumpkins through Sunday night and I will create a separate poll for your pumpkins and voting will be limited to 8 hours on Halloween!

    Google Meme


    Google: The Oracle

    Who needs a fortune cookie or a psychic reading for the latest predications or insight into yourself? Just type your own name like this “Leanne is” in a google search engine and see how accurate the oracle can be.

    Leanne is both cute and dressy.
    Leanne is available in BLACK, RED, WHITE, OCEAN, PINK and BLUSH.
    Leanne is a sassy shoe.
    Leanne is dropped off at the hill home by a burly female trucker.
    Leanne is one of close to thirty artists involved in this program.
    Leanne is very motivated to work with you in fulfilling your real estate needs.
    Leanne is always right!
    Leanne is a great leader.
    Leanne is the only person on our staff, and perhaps in the country, who’s experienced 9-Gs in an F16 jet, jumped out of a Hercules in a tandem jump with the Skyhawks, swam with sharks and ridden with the RCMP’s Musical Ride.
    Leanne is as comfortable in the kitchen with an octogenarian champion bread baker as she is backstage with stars like Harry Connick Jr. Leanne loves people.

    (Snagged from Colleen)

    Two New Pumpkins


    I just finished carving this beast. OooOooOOo isn’t it SPOOOOKY?! (ha!) Well I think it’s nearly Wicked, personally. I dunno if I should enter my own pumpkin(s) into the Pumpkin Carving Contest or not? Whaddaya think? Seems inappropriate for the host to enter. I figured I’ll just show mine off here.

    BUT. My hubby can enter, right? Yes! He carved this next one…

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    Doubly Delightful


    If you think this just looks beautiful, you should smell it! I wish I could bottle the smell of this rose. This is a Double Delight from our garden that I cut yesterday and brought inside. I figured if it could make the driveway smell so nice, it could work for my dining room, too! Then this morning when I put it on the windowsill to get some light, well, you see what happened. Wowzers. A beautiful home grown rose on a clear fall day. Deep breath in… release slowly. Aaaah.

    I’ve uploaded the first entry into the Pumpkin Carving Contest, go look! And get carving, wouldjya?!

    Have a great Saturday!

    Pumpkin Carving Contest


    The contest is now open! If you’ve carved your pumpkin, go on and get a Wicked picture of it and enter the contest!


    LINK IT!

    Save this image and link to either the contest entry page, or the carving page!
    The image is 145 pixels wide, a good width for blog sidebars. ;)

    Midlife Crisis : 4 Years.


    According to our research, you’ll be dead by

    March 2050
    at age 79

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    Meme’s Galore


    MommaK tagged me on her collection of meme’s, so here I go.

    The 7 things meme

    7 things I plan to do before I die:
    1. Live in a warmer climate.
    2. Invent something cool that everyone has to have.
    3. Wish upon my kids that they have kids that are just like them, and watch it happen.
    4. Feel wierd, bitch and moan a whole bunch about my spine fusing together.
    5. Sit in an Art Museum with my bestest buddy Paige on a bench across from my artwork and giggle and laugh about “remember when’s”.
    6. Pay off and cut up all of our credit cards.
    7. Be able to fully support my family on income from my artwork.

    7 things I can do:
    1. Paint :duh:
    2. Talk really fast
    3. Put my watch on with ONE HAND. (I’m magical.)
    4. Dishes. When I feel like it.
    5. Flare my nostrils like a bunny.
    6. Shake my head and raise my eyebrows at the same time.
    7. Build stuff really fast. (The stuff that comes in pieces that you have to put together.)

    7 things I cannot do:

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    The New Improved iPod


    On the way back from Catfish painting today, I started pondering shopping for an iPod. Feeling more and more out of touch with technology every day, I decided to ask Catybug if she knew what one was. Then I would know not only how “hip” she is, but how long it will be before her gifts start getting pricey!

    So here’s how our conversation went:

    Me: “Honey, do you know what an iPod is?”
    Her: “Yeah, why?”
    Me: “Really? Well what is it?”
    Her: “It’s that thing that holds your eye in place!”
    Me: “Really? What makes you say that?”
    Her: “I read it in a book!”
    Me: “Hm. Interesting!”

    So now she wants to know what an iPod really is. And now I really don’t want to tell her, because I think that’s a really funkadelic new term for “eye socket”. I like it.

    I’m a mean mom, I know, I allow my children to be misinformed purely for my own selfish entertainment.


    (memory jolt courtesy Michele)

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