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  • Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.
  • Sheba – Final Scan


    Aaah! This is a MUCH better representation of Sheba’s portrait! She’s dry & varnished, and will be on her way to her family today.

    Sock BANDIT! – Tweaked & Scanned


    Here’s how my little Alien Sock Thief Bandit (thanks to my hubby for the title change!) turned out. You know, the more I look at him the more I laugh! I hope he gives you a chuckle, too. :)

    (psst…he’s still available to buy! I may list him on ebay. Mayyyybe.)

    Scans: The Boy & Grandma


    Here are the final scans of “The Boy” (Cole) and my Grandma. I am planning on creating a monochromatic gallery with the new layout, and will be painting more of these in this loose and “less photorealistic” style. I have a few more pieces in mind already, and will pursue those after the holidays and template changeover.

    Once upon a time…


    …at 5:30 in the morning, the Princess was awakened by a small furry white creature. This beast obviously has no sense of timing, or perhaps just a very poor sense of timing, to dare squeak ever so softly but at such a high pitch at this time of day.

    The Princess began to stir, and refused to accept that this white fuzzball was going to dominate the day. At the prompting of a gentle yet forceful reminder of the “jingle bell” collar, she realized that if she did not obey, the castle’s new floors would be destroyed. “Yes, ma’am,” she murmured. The Princess threw the covers back into a careless heap, sleepily made her way to the entrance and began to unbolt the castle doors.

    The creature must have wanted to punish the Princess for her lack of expediency, as a gust of freezing air swept into her face and jolted her completely awake as she opened the doors. With what appeared to be a half grin on its face, this little white beast haughtily pranced out the door.

    More alert now, the Princess made her way into the dining hall to search for a maid that could pour a warm morning brew for her and perhaps help her return to her slumber. Upon arrival into the main hall, she soon realized that the maid was off for the weekend and she was left to her own defenses. She stumbled over a plastic gadget that the Castle Munchkins had planted on the floor beside the brewmaster, nearly causing her to sail into the cabinets. When she regained her balance, she began the painful process of MMR, morning memory recovery.

    The Castle Munchkins are still asleep. The brew requires a special combination of ingredients, could she remember so early in the day? Or should she begin to rummage through the maid’s things to try to find instructions?

    Just then, the beast began to pelt the door with giant boulders, creating a wretched pounding noise loud enough to wake the neighboring Castles. The Princess was terrified! Would she ever be able to appease the beast enough that she would not be continually tortured? She hurried to the doors to beg forgiveness for her ignorance, jolted further awake by another slap in the face by the brisk breeze as she fell to one knee in front of the beast.

    This brazen little fuzzball completely ignored her attempt at friendship and forgiveness, flitting quickly past her back into the Castle.

    The Princess closed the doors, mumbled something to herself about the time of day, and returned to the dining hall for her morning brew. The creature, seemingly very pleased with its morning torture routine, found a quiet place to began plotting its next session.

    Barney & Bailey Final Scan


    Well here they are, the sweestest Bernese in town! Barney & Bailey were varnished and carefully packed this morning, along with the other Bailey, and they are now on their way to their homes!

    I do have something up my sleeve today, but it’s Christmassy so I’m not tellin’. ;) I also have the best blogskinner on the WWW, who is going to fix me up here with new digs by Christmas! You’re gonna love the transformation!

    Now what are you doing here? Go shopping!!

    PSST….I’m turning my webcam on to paint something very special if you want to watch!!

    Bailey – Final Scan



    Here’s Bailey’s scan, much much better!! What a cutie pie, eh?

    WB&F Scan & Detail Images


    I know you guys have been waiting for these! “J”, if you want the big versions just let me know, and I will drop them in e-mail to you!

    I have been BUSY this morning! Got up (earrrrly), treadmilled, varnished WB&F, did dishes & cleaned the kitchen, did laundry, started uncluttering the house, paid bills, painted the background on Bailey (which I will post in a little while), scanned WB&F, pieced the scans together and now here I am!!! I still have more to do!! I’ll be back in a bit. Enjoy!

    Click the thumbs for a larger view. :D

    Wile E. Coyote


    A few months ago, at Mark’s request, I created a stencil of Wile E. Coyote for the guys to use on their equipment etc. as that is their call sign. Apparently, the stencil is reallly popular over there, Mark says they’ve painted it on refrigerators, machinery, all kinds of things. It sounds like it’s become a “this is ours, hands off” symbol. LOL

    So he’s been saying for months that he’d get me some photos of it, and here ya go. I’m just going to link them here:

    Wile E. Coyote Humvee1
    Wile E. Coyote Humvee2
    Wile E. Coyote Bradley

    Pretty neat to see it all over their stuff! Even though the character isn’t my creation, I searched everywhere for a stencil to purchase and couldn’t find one. Sorry Warner Brothers, the guys want a coyote, they get a coyote! (P.S. I’ve not made any profit from the creation or personal use of this piece.) LOL.. just covering my artistic butt there. ;P

    It’s a clear day, I took another digital pic of W and modified the last WIP entry. I’ll paint today, the girls should be ok. (I hope!) I’ll update when I turn the cam on!

    Annie Scan


    Here’s Annie’s scan! It is reeeealy hard to pick up the vibrancy of French Ultramarine on a flatbed! But still, she’s a beaut!

    Her pic:

    I had planned on shipping evvvverything today, but a couple of them still need some drying time. I’ll work on getting the others on their way this morning!

    In other news, I’ve joined a few other very cool creative women to offer up a gift basket of very very nice goodies for the holidays! You can enter once at each of our websites, and if you wanna start with mine…the link’s right here:


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