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  • Behold the turtle.
    He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.
  • Cat Portrait : Simba Complete


    custom cat portrait oil painting original leanne wildermuth
    I just put the finishing touches on Simba’s custom portrait, he’s even got a whisker poking through my signature.

    I’ll post the scan & details once the painting is dry, of course.

    If you watched me on cam, let me know how it looks – can you see the details going onto the canvas? Should I reposition the cam?

    Cat Portrait : Rex Complete


    completed custom cat portrait painting tuxedo oil original leanne wildermuth
    Rex’s portrait is complete. If you tuned in to watch me paint (my signature, five times), thank you for stopping in! Let me know how you liked it!

    I’ve set up a little photo album to feature some of the photos that my clients have shared with me – so if you’d like to be featured in my rotating gallery, send me a pic of you with your painting, or the painting/print on your wall.

    Cat Portrait : Rex WIP #1


    custom tuxedo cat portrait oil painting leanne wildermuth

    If you’ve caught me on my studio cam – this is what you were watching me paint. This portrait of Rex is just 4″ x 4″ so it’s pretty small and these move along pretty quickly. He’s about finished – I’ll detail his black fur and white whiskers tomorrow, and enhance the gloss on his eyes just a bit more.

    Projects, Projects and MORE Projects!


    Just a quick update on my schedule, for anyone interested/waiting:

    I’ve completed two blog designs this week:

    • SpencersGame
    • Eartodastreetz

    And a few last week, in case you missed them:

    Next week is wide open and I’ll be in the studio finishing up several custom pet portrait paintings:

    • Simba, a fluffy orange tabby
    • Kiwi & Boo, a pair of bird portraits
    • Jambalaya, a red & white husky portrait
    • Rex, a tuxedo kitty cat portrait

    Then I’ll be back to blog designing for a few more weeks, then a couple more portraits, then a couple more designs … it’s going to be a busy summer!

    Stay tuned for portrait progress updates!

    Cat Portrait : Morris Complete


    custom cat portrait painting orange tabby leanne wildermuth

    It’s raining cats in my studio – this is my second completed cat portrait this week. Morris is an orange tabby and this is also a memorial painting for his furmom. He passed away just a couple of months ago so I hope that his portrait brings her years of warm memories and smiles.

    I’ve left my brushes beside the piece so you can see what I use when I work the final layer. Yes – that’s a toothpick, so you can see how small the brushes are. I do paint each piece of fur one piece at a time, that’s what gives my paintings their depth and realism. It may be tedious, but the results are so well worth it to me, and to my clients.

    I’ll post the final scan once his portrait is dry & varnished.

    Thanks for tuning in to my studio cam, if you had the chance!

    Cat Portrait : Callie Complete


    custom cat portrait calico oil painting leanne wildermuth

    Callie’s portrait is complete – I’ll post a scan after the painting is dry. You can view her previous progress shot here. :)

    Cat Portrait Sketch : Rex


    tuxedo cat portrait painting sketch leanne wildermuth

    I’ve sketched up another cat portrait – this is Rex. He’s a tuxedo kitty, just gorgeous with a Groucho Marx style moustache across his nose. He even has a similar look on his face, too!

    I’ll work in this background in the next few days as well.

    Cat Portrait : Morris WIP #2


    Custom cat portrait orange tabby painting in progress

    Morris is a short hair orange tabby, so with this rich chocolate background color, he’ll really convey that kind of “regal” air about him that I picked up in his personality while I studied his photograph.

    Cat Portrait : Simba WIP #2


    Simba Custom Cat Portrait Painting in Progress

    Here’s Simba’s underpainting – he’s a fluffy orange tabby, the fluff will come out a lot more with the finished piece. For now, I worked in the deepest shades into his fur and worked in his eyes pretty well, though they’ll still get more detail with the second session.

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