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  • One more time!


    Okee doke, the front of the painting was dry so I got a scan! Now I’ll show you Sandy’s reference photo with the scan of the finished painting. I have a few paintings to ship so I will probably do that tomorrow or Monday.

    I took Jay to a Early Learning Center here and she got involved with the other kids right away! We were just checking it out today to see how she’d like it, so I went ahead and signed her up for (2) 4-hour classes a week. Fun!!! She is so excited!

    I will be painting my next piece on cam. Did I tell you what it’s going to be? I don’t think I did. I’m not going to, either. Nyah! :P~ You can watch me paint and guess away!

    Completed Dom!


    Here he is! He is SO beautiful!! This is 12×16 in Oils. (by the way Honey the Yorkie is an india ink painting)

    Well Dom, how do you like your portrait? If you wouldn’t mind asking your mom what she thinks too, that’d be swell! ;)

    Hiya Honey!


    I’m such an overachiever. ;)

    I thought I could finish 4 paintings today?! What was I thinkin’? I spent all day on this sweetiepie. I’ll be painting all weekend, and then Toronto Frog arrives Monday and I have to have him finished by next Saturday. So, what I don’t get finished this weekend has to wait until after the 28th.

    There’s still a possibility of some modifications on her, I will know after the weekend. Here she is!

    Another one begun!


    This is Honey, she’s a Yorkie. In case you’re wondering why the background isn’t already painted, it’s because she’ll be painted in india inks and those are applied in layers all in the same session. So I’ll actually be erasing as much of this sketch as possible, leaving just a very faint line to work from.

    I did also paint on Rocky & Simba’s portraits today, but I want to get a little further along before I post another progress pic. I will probably do that later tonight or tomorrow! UPDATE: this is my favorite part, seeing the eyes come alive on the painting! They’re not done yet, but I just love this part so I had to share. :D

    Back to the easel I go!

    New Work In Progress!


    I’m creating this sweet Bernese Mountain Dog puppy painting for a raffle at the 2004 Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America National Specialty taking place in Mesquite, Texas in just a couple of weeks. It’s 8″x8″ on a canvas panel, in OILLLLLLLLSSSSS :)

    Here it is now, I finished it up and it’s wet, hence the glare. It’ll be a couple of days before this one is dry enough to ship.

    And the first wip shot:

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