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  • Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way.
  • Tess – Dog Portrait Complete


    I completed Tess today, you can view her painting as it progressed here. I think her mom will be pleased (mom, let me know if you’re not pleased!) – I’ll get the final scan & post details once she’s dry.

    Tess – Dog Portrait WIP #1


    custom monochromatic oil dog portrait painting work in progress' class=
    I finished up the background lastnight for this monochromatic portrait of Tess (follow the progress here). My palette for this piece is pretty simple – raw umber, indigo (raw those two mixed are the darkest dark), white, naples yellow and raw sienna. I chose this palette because her mom wanted something that would bring out her natural coat color even though it’s a limited palette, and this is going to be just perfect.

    I’ll start showing completed pieces by the end of the day Monday. It’s been a busy week – I’m going to go play in my garden for a while!

    Tess – Dog Portrait


    custom dog portrait oil painting progress sketch' class=
    This is Tess – she’s passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Her momma, Pamibe is the one who won my Refer-A-Comment Contest. I’ll be painting Tess in monochromatic oils on an 8×8 canvas panel.

    Today is also Pam’s 50th Birthday – so stop over and wish her a Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday, Pam!!

    Callie, Annie & Momo Final Scan


    cat portrait oil monochromatic custom art painting original leanne wildermuth
    Callie, Annie & Momo
    9? x 12? Oil Painting
    3/4″ Profile Gallery Wrapped Canvas
    © 2007 Leanne Wildermuth
    All Rights Reserved

    Here’s the final scan of these beautiful cats done in a sepia oil monochromatic. The color is really warm and rich, like milk chocolate in the sunlight. I’m late posting it – usually I post the scan before I mail the piece – this one is probably already halfway home. I’zza little excited for their mama to get the painting.

    Callie Annie & Momo Complete!


    original custom monochromatic sepia oil cat portrait painting cats

    I just completed the lovely composition captured by Debbie of her three cats. This painting is 9×12 on gallery wrapped canvas, it’s a sepia toned monochromatic.

    I did fade out the lace curtain in the background a bit, I thought too much detail would detract from the cats – the subtle lace in the foreground and impression of lace on that back curtain feels just right to me.

    The digital pic of this painting isn’t entirely accurate, of course – the final scan is always so much more accurate to color, clarity and detail. I’ll capture a scan once it’s dry.

    view painting progress

    Callie Annie & Momo WIP #3


    cat portrait original oil monochromatic sepia painting
    The underpainting is complete now, I’ll detail the curtains, window trim and of course the cats will all get another layer of fur before they’re finished.

    Callie, Annie & Momo WIP #2


    cat portrait monochromatic sepia oil painting in progress
    I completed Callie’s underpainting today. My palette consists of titanium white, burnt umber, raw umber, indigo, flesh and naples yellow light. These colors will give this monochromatic portrait a nice warm sepia tone.

    Callie, Annie & Momo WIP #1


    callie annie momo cat cats trio oil portrait painting sketch

    Sometimes I wonder if my readers know how vast my artistic occupation is. From doodles to photography, birdwatching, landscaping, blog designing and back to painting again, I think my interests are either overwhelming or I have too many boring ones to fully entertain my readership. To me, it all feeds the creative side of my brain, so I won’t hesitate to jump from this to that to the other thing. Maybe it’s creative AADD? (ADD of the adult variety?) Whatever the case may be, I think there are a select variety of people who understand it and hang in there on my big ol’ trampoline of a blog.

    Back to my sketch, Meet Callie, Annie & Momo. They’re a 9×12 trio of kitties – what a photographic capture, huh? Mom did a great job, and now I get the pleasure of turning it into a sepia toned monochromatic oil painting that she can cherish. I’ll be working on these purrrfect posers the beginning of the week, so stay tuned for another progress shot (or two)!

    Want a custom oil painting for $100?


    custom monochromatic oil painting original art leanne wildermuthI have alot of monochromatic paintings in my portfolio – but only one of them is an animal. After I finished that last series of monochromatic rainbow kids, I decided I wanted to offer up some custom 10″ x 10″ gallery wrapped monochromatics for $100 each.

    My kids each want one of their own in their favorite colors to hang in their bedroom. I think it’s a cool idea, because it’s something they can hang onto when they get their own place. (I’m such a forward thinker, huh? lol)

    I’d love to add a few pet monochromatics to that section of my portfolio, so I’ll leave this pricing open to either people or animal/pet portraits. It’s a pretty simple process, really – you pick the color, send me a photo (single subject), and I paint a cool custom portrait in oils and send it to you ready to hang on a gallery wrapped canvas.

    I’ll keep this offer open until the end of March, so if you’d like to order a custom monochromatic by then just contact me and let me know. (or just go ahead & place your order.)

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