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  • A Girl and Her Bunny : WIP #3


    A girl and her bunny portrait kisses love painting progress by Leanne Wildermuth

    I’ve completed Stacie & Foo Foo’s portrait under-painting today, working in the base skin tone and shadows for further refinement in the next painting session.

    I went at it a little earlier than I should have, my background wasn’t quite dry so I retouched that as well once I finished. I’ve got it sitting under the fan to expedite drying time so that I can finish this portrait yet this week.


    A Girl and Her Bunny : WIP #2


    girl bunny kiss portrait oil painting progress by Leanne Wildermuth
    Front view

    girl bunny kiss portrait oil painting progress by Leanne Wildermuth
    Side view

    I’ve got the background and sides painted on Stacie & Foo Foo’s portrait, now this will have a day or two to dry and I’ll get the rest of the under painting completed and update again with another progress shot.


    A Girl and Her Bunny : WIP #1


    girl bunny kiss love portrait progress by Leanne Wildermuth

    This is a sketch on canvas of Stacie and Foo Foo – I’ll be starting their portrait this afternoon in oils. The gallery wrapped canvas size is 8″ x 8″ so it’s a nice size and will be so cute!

    Bunny kisses are THE BEST KIND!

    Portfolio Updates!


    custom dog portrait chocolate lab oil painting art by Leanne Wildermuth
    Just a note to let you all know that I’ve just added 14 (FOURTEEN!!!) projects to my portfolio! You can view them all here: Leanne’s Portfolio

    …and by all means, if you’ve got a project included in my portfolio, feel free to leave a comment! All of my weekly portrait giveaways, blog designs and paintings are present and accounted for.

    Happy browsing!

    Projects, Projects and MORE Projects!


    Just a quick update on my schedule, for anyone interested/waiting:

    I’ve completed two blog designs this week:

    • SpencersGame
    • Eartodastreetz

    And a few last week, in case you missed them:

    Next week is wide open and I’ll be in the studio finishing up several custom pet portrait paintings:

    • Simba, a fluffy orange tabby
    • Kiwi & Boo, a pair of bird portraits
    • Jambalaya, a red & white husky portrait
    • Rex, a tuxedo kitty cat portrait

    Then I’ll be back to blog designing for a few more weeks, then a couple more portraits, then a couple more designs … it’s going to be a busy summer!

    Stay tuned for portrait progress updates!

    1 Dog, 3 Cats, 2 Birds and a Girl


    Many, many portrait sketches = lots and lots of art to create this week!

    Here’s what’s on my easel:


    Badger is a certified therapy dog, she is allllways happy. I love that she’s smiling for her portrait. This will be an 8×8 oil portrait.


    This is Morris, an orange tabby who recently crossed over the rainbow bridge.  He’ll also be done in oils, on a 6×6 canvas.


    I’ve painted Callie before, but this portrait of her will have much more meaning since it is in loving memory.  Another 6×6 oil portrait.

    Simba is a stunning orange tabby. Also in oil on 6×6 chunky wrapped canvas.



    This yellow-sided green cheeked conure is Kiwi, she’s also having a 6×6 oil portrait. Kiwi and Boo (below) belong to Lisa’s daughter – these are a birthday surprise. So ssssh.


    Boo was a beautiful parrotlet that passed away, her portrait pairs with Kiwi’s in 6×6.


    This pose of Claire is just gorgeous, big curls falling down into her face – this is the line drawing for a 4×6 graphite drawing that All Adither won in January for giving me the bestest birthday wish.

    Want a custom oil painting for $100?


    custom monochromatic oil painting original art leanne wildermuthI have alot of monochromatic paintings in my portfolio – but only one of them is an animal. After I finished that last series of monochromatic rainbow kids, I decided I wanted to offer up some custom 10″ x 10″ gallery wrapped monochromatics for $100 each.

    My kids each want one of their own in their favorite colors to hang in their bedroom. I think it’s a cool idea, because it’s something they can hang onto when they get their own place. (I’m such a forward thinker, huh? lol)

    I’d love to add a few pet monochromatics to that section of my portfolio, so I’ll leave this pricing open to either people or animal/pet portraits. It’s a pretty simple process, really – you pick the color, send me a photo (single subject), and I paint a cool custom portrait in oils and send it to you ready to hang on a gallery wrapped canvas.

    I’ll keep this offer open until the end of March, so if you’d like to order a custom monochromatic by then just contact me and let me know. (or just go ahead & place your order.)

    Titto : WIP #1


    sun conure bird original custom pet portrait fine art oil painting
    I skipped the sketch progress shot and intro and went right for the background on Titto’s portrait. He’s a Sun Conure I’ll be working on this week. Another small piece, 5×7 on a canvas panel, his bright plumage is going to be stunning against this dark forest green and brown background.

    I’ve got a lot of work to do in the studio! I’ll update with more progress shots of the portraits I’m working on later today.

    Have a great day!

    Completed Paintings Galore!


    I’ve just spent the morning adding all of my latest paintings to my portfolio. I’ll post the thumbs here and link to the detail pages so you can go have a look at the larger final scan of the paintings, if you’d like. Enjoy!

    custom monochromatic oil portrait painting in green

    custom lovebird portrait fine art oil painting   custom lovebird portrait painting fine art oil

    custom lovebird portrait painting fine art oil   custom lovebird portrait painting fine art oil bird

    custom tuxedo longhair cat portait painting original art   custom cat kitten portrait oil painting fine art

    All paintings © Leanne Wildermuth
    All rights reserved

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