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  • A weed is no more than a flower in disguise.
  • Possum Portrait : Possy III Completed!


    Here’s the digital pic of PossyIII. I’m going to sign everybody else tonight and hope to scan all of my recent paintings tomorrow some time. I’m gonna try to get Callie finished up tonight, too!

    Work in Progress #2 : Possy III


    Whew! Here’s Possy III’s underpainting!

    Work in Progress #1: Possy III


    I’ve still got the webcam on in the studio, just finished up the background on this lovely remake of PossyII.

    Possy III, Possum Portrait

    New Gallery is Up and Running!


    Woah! It’s up!

    I have a *little* altering to do on my old layout pages to make them “match” and fix the links, but other than that, GO SEE!!!


    If you’ve purchased or commissioned a painting from me, I’ll take this opportunity to ask that you please browse through the main gallery for your painting(s), and click the “comment” section (below the painting description), and leave a comment on how you like your painting, and how I handled things with our transaction. I would really appreciate it!! GRAZIE!!

    Wile E. Coyote


    A few months ago, at Mark’s request, I created a stencil of Wile E. Coyote for the guys to use on their equipment etc. as that is their call sign. Apparently, the stencil is reallly popular over there, Mark says they’ve painted it on refrigerators, machinery, all kinds of things. It sounds like it’s become a “this is ours, hands off” symbol. LOL

    So he’s been saying for months that he’d get me some photos of it, and here ya go. I’m just going to link them here:

    Wile E. Coyote Humvee1
    Wile E. Coyote Humvee2
    Wile E. Coyote Bradley

    Pretty neat to see it all over their stuff! Even though the character isn’t my creation, I searched everywhere for a stencil to purchase and couldn’t find one. Sorry Warner Brothers, the guys want a coyote, they get a coyote! (P.S. I’ve not made any profit from the creation or personal use of this piece.) LOL.. just covering my artistic butt there. ;P

    It’s a clear day, I took another digital pic of W and modified the last WIP entry. I’ll paint today, the girls should be ok. (I hope!) I’ll update when I turn the cam on!

    Painting on Cam & Other Stuff


    Good morning!

    It’s just past 8am, the webcam is on and I will be painting shortly!

    I had a couple of other things I keep forgetting to tell you about, too.

    First, I uploaded a new page to my website, 2004 : At a glance

    The fall months make it increasingly difficult to keep things updated in my galleries. I thought having that whole grouping of paintings all in one place would show browsers all of my paintings just from this year, especially since some of them aren’t even in their appropriate spots yet! After the holidays I will go through and revamp some of my galleries so they make even more sense. :)

    The other thing, remember Monday (I think?) when I said I was starting my program again? Well ta-da! I’ve been treadmilling and drinking 64 oz. of water a day, and I’m already down 5.5 lbs. See how cool that works? It won’t be long before I’m at my final goal.

    Ooh yea, my holiday commission schedule is fully booked now, so if you’re wanting a custom pet portrait as a gift I will still honor my sale price until the 15th but replace the actual painting with a Gift Certificate instead. Sound ok to you?

    Painting early today, I’m going to try to finish up these kitties today before my afternoon appointment. Have a great day!!

    Busy Day Ahead!


    Good morning!

    It’s going to be a busy day today. Caitlin leaves for school in a bit, then I’ll be getting Jay ready for her first day in Pre-K! She is so excited, and has to wear a necklace she said. LOL

    I have an appointment this morning while she’s at school, and will also be swinging by the post office to drop off the paintings I wanted to ship yesterday (the Coon wasn’t dry yet). I got up at 6AM to get all of the packages put together.

    Today is also “pay the bills” day, iew! Sitting down at the table with the big giant calculator, you know how that goes? Blaaahhhh I’m glad that only happens 2 days a month. hehe! Oh how I wish my brain was a calculator some days. I suppose I should take some Advil an hour before I do that, huh?

    I also have some website updates to do today, to my site as well as another one. I have so many things to add to my galleries!

    I think that about covers what I’ll be up to today, how about you?

    Have a great day, I will leave you with the scan of the Coon painting as your eye candy today! See ya later!

    Coon’s Done!


    Hey I just finished! I repositioned the cam over him so it’s still on, but here’s a digital pic I just took. :D

    Now he’ll dry overnight, and I’ll prep and ship 4 paintings tomorrow…weeee!

    Have a great afternoon!

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