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  • Get Carving!


    The Pumpkin Carvings are rolling in for my Third Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest … have you carved yet? This is the weekend to do it (for those in a cooler climate)!

    We’re ready to go with our template CD, battery operated carvers, and color changing lights to set inside of our pumpkins. I picked up 6 pumpkins the other day, as well – so now it’s all about clearing off the table and making a big mess!

    Believe it or not, I’m not big into Halloween itself. I do, however, totally encourage and promote the craft of carving – it is absolutely an art form to carve something from a blank “canvas”, and it’s SO cool to see them lit up!

    You can find battery operated carvers and lots of really fun template books at your local “Super” marts, be it the “K’s” or the “W’s”, they also have a nice supply at Walgreen’s.

    If you’re having a hard time getting a good photo of your carving lit up in the dark, here are a few tips to get a great shot:

    • Use a tripod, or a box to set and steady your camera on.
    • Turn the flash OFF.
    • Use your timer! I don’t know anyone able to hold a camera steady enough in the dark to get a good, glowing photo.
    • Play with your shutter speed, if you can. If it’s not open long enough, you don’t get enough glow. Too long, and it’s too much glow. Try a few different settings to get that shutter speed just right.

    I can’t wait to see more carvings – they are really are getting more and more creative and beautiful by the year!

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    kailani said,

    They have battery operated carvers? Why am I doing it the hard way? :duh:

    10.22.2007 @ 6:24 pm

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