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  • I Love My Clients


    custom portrait sun conure client gift to artist
    I was just telling Katie’s mom when she picked up her baby girl’s portrait last month how I have the best clients, ever. It’s not just that they appreciate what I do and how I do it, but that they have the patience of Job and understanding when it comes to my creative bursts.

    And then, I receive a phone call from Titto’s mom. His portrait arrived, and she’s a very happy bird portrait owner. She mentioned sending me photos and I’ll also be painting Titto’s portrait again, and tears welled up in my eyes, because I’m a big mushy gushy head. I did not expect what landed on my doorstep yesterday. Not even a little.

    {{{huge hugs to Tittto’s mom & family}}}
    Photos of Titto in his full feathered glory, a wooden palette (I’ve been eyeballing these for months!) some really nice brushes, a tin of Coconut Patties (oh. my. YUM.), the most sweet smelling rose pink peppercorn Caldrea candle, and a hefty amount of Perlier honey and glycerin hand cream. Oh! And also! A blank 5×7 canvas panel for Titto’s next portrait! I feel so spoiled, really. (I love to be spoiled.) This is just so – wow. How sweet is this? I have received some precious, sentimental gifts from my clients before, and each time I am just so grateful that people can be so ding dang kind and giving.

    It’s nice to feel special. {{{Group hug}}}

    client custom portrait artist gifts
    Seriously, the best clients ever. Titto looks incredible both framed and unframed.


    Tommi said,

    oooooh! How nice of her to do that for you! I like it when people are nice to my family!! And- can I have one of those patties?- YUMMY!!

    I love Quintin! He’s such a pretty birdy!

    3.2.2007 @ 1:49 pm

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    6.30.2014 @ 3:37 pm

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