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  • Custom Portrait Winner & Call for Entries : Week #10 (3/2-3/6)


    custom horse portrait pencil drawing by Leanne Wildermuth
    Today begins Week #10 of my 2009 weekly graphite portrait giveaway! Each week, one winner will be selected to receive one 5×7 graphite drawing from their photograph.

    Last week’s winner, Karin shared a touching story of Phoenix and what he went though before she rescued him.

    Phoenix is a registered Arabian gelding that is 14 years old. He had a terrible life until he was eight years old and was finally rescued by the humane society. He lived as a stud on a breeding farm in central Illinois. The farm owners for some reason had stopped feeding/rarely fed their horses. They subsisted on whatever grass was growing in a pasture that had too many horses in it…so basically most of it was bare earth. Because he wasn’t fed regularly as a colt Phoenix’s growth was stunted and he has never attained full “horse” size and technically is a pony. Eventually someone reported them the entire herd was confiscated by the humane society. After that, Phoenix was then owned by an alcoholic woman who also neglected him.

    Continue reading Karin’s story here.

    I cried, I smiled, and my heart was definitely touched by her friend Patty’s generosity, and her caring enough that Phoenix went to a home where he would really be loved and well cared for. Thanks for sharing, Karin!!

    A note on framing for portrait winners: I recommend the Nielsen Bainbridge Archival Gallery Frame, available through Dick Blick.

    Weekly Contest Announcement!


    Each Monday, I post the weekly Call for Entries along with the previous weeks completed portrait (above). I may change the subject theme each week, or leave the theme open, so please pay close attention to the details in each announcement.

    Entries will be accepted through Friday afternoon around 4PM CST, at which time I will close comments and select one winner from the entries received. I’ll announce the winner on Saturday and post the completed portrait with the following week’s Giveaway announcement.

    Qualified entries will include a valid e-mail address, and the comment should include one link to a photograph owned/taken by the entrant. If you do not have a place to upload photos to link one, you can e-mail it to gallery *at* intricateart dot-com. Your entry, however, should be included in the comment section below, with your story – should you choose to include one.

    The Selection Process: In case you’re curious, I’ll share my little artsy process in selecting the winner. First – I do not read any entries at all during the week. I do not read them because I don’t want anyone’s entries to have any more time than any others to settle in my creative brain. At the end of the week, I close comments. When I sit down to go through all of the entries, I read the story first, and open the photo link in a new window. When I finish reading, I flip over to the photo and my initial reaction is what I go by.

    If your entry is not chosen, you may enter again. I encourage you to include a short story with your entry.


        : Pets or Animals (1 subject only)


        : Friday, March 6, 2009 (4pm CST)

    To Enter

        : Leave a comment, include a link to your photo. For e-mail submissions, leave a comment with your story as your entry, attach your photo to an e-mail separately, and send to gallery *at* intricateart dot-com.

    Note: *G* Rating only

    Your challenge? To inspire me! Choose your photo wisely – I will select a winner based on how the photo and/or story moves me.

    Good luck!!

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    Taba said,

    He’s so cute!! and what a touching story!!

    Here’s my entry for this week. I took this picture especially for you Leanne. :)

    It’s of our cat Sushi. It took me 10 years to get this cat! Then entire time hubby and I have been together I’ve been trying to talk him into getting a cat. He always refused and to be honest I gave up several years ago. Our daughter who will be 5 this month asked Daddy for a cat in November of last year. Guess what?!!? He gave in right away. I went to the shelter to pick out a cat and was under strict orders: “No kittens, and no boy cats.” I was trying to resist the cute little kittens when I spotted Sushi’s big blue eyes peeking at me from the bottom corner cage. He didn’t have a info card on his cage so I thought he was probably taken, but asked anyways. He wasn’t taken and HE was a HE, but those eyes did me in! We’ve had him for 4 months now and he’s such a good boy! I cannot fathom how he ended up in the shelter, besides the occasional run in with the toilet paper or my plants, he’s the sweetest most loving and well behaved kitty I’ve ever known! He’s really helped me to understand why people want portraits of their pets!

    3.2.2009 @ 10:14 am
    Pam said,

    Beautiful!! :thumbsup:

    3.2.2009 @ 11:22 am
    Dee said,

    What a beautiful story and sketch, I’m glad Phoenix finally found a loving home! :clapping:

    3.2.2009 @ 4:23 pm
    Tara Wood said,

    What a beautiful picture, and a touching story!

    Here is my entry…

    Yep! It’s me again! Here is the link to the photo…

    This is Ratchet, he is a 3 year old Parsons jack Russel… In this picture Ratchet is trying to keep his wounded foot away from me because he knows I am going to change his bandage… It seems that his nails are so heavy duty and his feet so small that he is constantly splitting his claws, so he spends a good deal of time with a bandage on his foot and the dreaded e-collar around his neck.

    The story behind us getting Ratchet is very bitter sweet. 4 years ago I had a jack Russel named Snoopy, Snoopy was only 10 months old when he bolted past my son through my front door and he ran out in the street and was hit by a car, a few hours later her died. We were completely devastated, he was only a puppy and I cannot convey to you hot totally messed up everyone in this house was! A white later we heard about a local breeder who had some puppies for sale, he was having a hard time selling them couldn’t keep them. We were hesitant, did we really want a new dog when our little baby had just recently died??? We decided to go and see the puppies. When we arrived at the breeders house one of the puppies in the small pen (ratchet) saw me and started jump up on the side trying to get to me I picked him up and he licked me all over the face and snuggled up under my chin.. it was all over at that point! We took him home and I have to say he was my salvation! I must admit I felt some guilt about getting a new puppy so soon after my other dog had passed away, but taking care of Ratchet helped me to cope with the devastating loss of snoopy… every time I felt sad I would pick Ratchet up and snuggle with him and it would help me to feel a little better. I know that a loved pup can never be replaced but even though Snoopy did move on to the rainbow bridge to wait for me and there are so many dogs out there who are alive and need our love… and I know that deep down inside Ratchet was meant to come and live with us.


    3.2.2009 @ 9:49 pm
    Pam said,

    I’m entering on behalf of Rachel at Pereiraville. She has a cute little hedgehog named Pinelope that she adores…

    Just sayin’. ;)

    3.3.2009 @ 6:14 pm

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    3.6.2009 @ 12:06 pm
    Leanne said,

    Thanks for your entries this week! (I’ll post the winning portrait on Monday!)

    3.6.2009 @ 6:31 pm

    […] Last week’s winner, Tara submitted an adorable photo of her Jack Russel terrier named Ratchet. And, just in case you’re wondering why he’s wearing a cone and a sock: Ratchet is trying to keep his wounded foot away from me because he knows I am going to change his bandage… It seems that his nails are so heavy duty and his feet so small that he is constantly splitting his claws, so he spends a good deal of time with a bandage on his foot and the dreaded e-collar around his neck. […]

    3.9.2009 @ 9:18 am

    […] spot in Tara’s family after a devastating loss of their puppy, Snoopy. Read the rest of her story here. Next Project […]

    4.6.2009 @ 9:28 am

    […] 6PM, after the last entries have been uploaded. There are about 45 entries to consider – so have a browse – they’re all so creative! TELL YOUR FRIENDS, because you only get one vote per […]

    6.30.2014 @ 1:41 pm

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