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  • Dude, could you help me out here?


    standing squirrel help me out' class=Have you ever seen a mama squirrel with teeters full of milk climbing a 3/4″ diameter iron pole for a little lunch when there’s plenty available in her own private dish on the ground? There’s my QOTD.

    This one here, well, he just wouldn’t stop lookin’ at me. Silly standy squirrel.

    I’m a pacer. Not that it’s related to my crazy kooky squirrels, but it is, sortof. In my best creative moments I’m pacing from the front to the back of my house, usually munching on granola or yacking on the phone. Yesterday I paced. I was working on a blog design layout that is black & white. Literally. In a world full of colors, I had to restrict myself to black, white and a couple of shades of gray.

    For me, that’s a little like being a two year old throwing a tempertantrum that momma won’t let me use her watercolors, just a stupid lead pencil and one lousy sheet of copy paper from her printer. ::stomps and pouts::

    We work with what we’ve got, though, and I made it work. Phew.

    Still, in the creative process of putting the pieces together in my head, I paced. I have my camera at the ready, and I was delighted to see a couple of really beautiful and unique birds yesterday. I know a lot of you might not remember to check my photoblog, and yesterday was an especially active day, I uploaded quite a few new bird photos. For the larger image, just click the thumb.

    I used to post my photography here. I decided to create a photoblog so that I could not only make my photos larger for viewing, but to be able to post more frequently without disrupting the regular average everyday stuff I write here on my blog. Now I’m wondering, was that such a great idea? I mean, there are folks using Flickr who were given Nikon D80’s to test for 6 months – with an option to purchase at a discounted rate at the end of the tryout. Who wouldn’t want to be approached with a deal like that? Is Flickr the place to put your stuff, then? I’m so confused. I’ve got my own server space, my own place to do it – I’m not sure I see the benefits of putting my stuff on someone elses server, aside from the obviously cool opportunities, as long as people notice and/or like your photos.

    And then there’s my gallery – and it must be “that time” again because I’m wondering how functional it is for my guests. And I’m also wondering when I’m going to have time to format a bunch of auctions so that I can offer my Eye Ate It paintings for sale – and Kiki, too – now that I have them back from exhibit.

    I do this, from time to time, I start revamping my whole existence on the web in my head. I crave feedback from everyone who stops by.

    Well, dude, could you help me out here? I’ll be in the other room(s), pacing.


    Robin said,

    I love your photoblog, I’ve just not been doing many photos on mine lately so I haven’t though to go to others. I’ll start posting more and you come and visit mine and I’ll do the same. I love your work.

    5.5.2007 @ 8:37 am
    pamibe said,

    QOTD: No. Never have I seen squirrels acting squirrelly… :winking:

    I LIKE your gallery; as a matter of fact I tried to install the yapb plugin so that I could have one like it… [but it didn’t work]. So, if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, you’re doing just dandy as a creative inspiration… at least for me!
    If that makes sense.

    5.5.2007 @ 10:25 am
    Mom said,

    A very wise person once said “If it aint broke don’t fix it!” That was your GMa. She also said “Muddle makes more muddle”. She also used to say (I don’t know if the spelling’s right) “Capiche?”!
    So, since I offered no input of my own, I’ll just sign this:
    Grandma :lovestruck:

    5.5.2007 @ 8:17 pm
    taba said,

    from the look on his silly face im guessing he was thinking “what the hell is wrong with this lady!?!? can’t she be still for one second?! what is she, half squirrel? well, come to think of it her “teeters” do resemble my old ladies….” (runs away so leanne cannot pinch or kick me) :raspberry:

    5.5.2007 @ 10:36 pm
    JAM said,

    I don’t see any reason to join Flickr. I have an account, but for the most part it sits unused until I remember it and throw some more photos on there. I have a regular blogger blog, and started a photo blog, but have also paid a flat fee to join smugmug. Smugmug gives me what is almost unlimited space, so I upload my photos there, and link to them from blogger. It’s easier and more stable and more consistent than blogger’s picture features. I had so much trouble uploading pics directly to blogger it was annoying. No trouble for a long time now.

    As for you, you already pay for a site, so using it is probably the best thing. It’s certainly what I would do were I in that situation.

    I don’t like the features on Flickr very much, so I’ll stick with smugmug. Even the “pro” accounts on Flickr fail to impress me. I like to be able to have a nice big pic appear if someone clicks on one of my blog photos.

    5.6.2007 @ 12:01 am
    Laura said,

    I also have a Flickr account and I find it a hassle to use and to navigate through. As a result, I rarely use it.

    I love your photo blog and gallery, however. I’d stick to that because the photos looks so much more dramatic with the background that you’ve chosen! Photos on Flickr tend to look washed out with their standard white background page.

    Regarding your “tantrum” :rant: over having to work within the confines of the black and white project, I’ll bet you have a form of Color Affected ADDHD! LOL. :dance: :yahoo:

    5.6.2007 @ 8:51 am
    Debbie said,

    Well I use Flickr only because my family can’t always access my photo blog but for some reason they can Flickr. Also I like the communities I can view to see what others are taking pictures of!

    As for your blog issue I love what you do no matter how you do it! Wish I had time and talent to create from scratch what I want in a blog template. That is why I finally went the way of finding someone to do one for me, and I asked very politely for you when your time is free! :winking:

    I have two blogs and I like them separate. My photos are not always how I feel and I leave my blog for writing about that. My photo blog is where I put all the cool shots I find that interest me, even if there aren’t many who look at it. :confused:

    More people view my Flickr page than they do my photo blog! And i guess I am one of your regulars (when I can be!) who reads and does not lurk at your photo page too often! Bad me!


    5.6.2007 @ 9:04 am

    1st things first….”teeters?” Oh Lord, whadda we gonna do with you. Second, OH NO! Did I make you pace when I only wanted black/white/gray/red? Sheesh. Sorry. Third, I think it’s silly not to have all your photos with your posting. I mean, that’s just me…because I won’t go looking for more. As for re-inventing yourself regularly—well, that’s what artists DO! Go with the flow here, girlfriend.

    5.6.2007 @ 6:03 pm

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