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    home made bird feeding station 8 feeders bottom tray feeder

    He did it. I drew it, he built it – and as the old saying goes “If you build it, they will come” – they did.

    We used to have several shepherd’s hooks weighted down with 5-10 pound seed filled feeders, and we’ve been wanting to consolidate everything into one location – this design allows for 8 feeders, and we purchased coated chain link to drop some things down lower to allow for ease of access for the birds. The cool thing? The squirrels can’t get down the 2×4’s to get to the hooks very easily – so we’ve eliminated the need for squirrel proofing anything – and we’ve also got a tray feeder to catch falling seed and put things out for the squirrels, too.

    It took a day or two to build, and our new Grand Central Bird Feeding Station was up and has been well occupied for a couple of weeks now. I have to say, I’m quite impressed with the functionality and ease in changing and refilling the feeders. We’ve had a larger bird visiting – I’m not sure what kind since all I’m finding is his droppings, but they’re about the size of Canadian Goose droppings – I’m guessing it’s either the Red Tailed Hawk or the Kestrel living nearby. I think I’ll flip my lid if it ends up being the Turkey Vulture. That guy is creepy!

    It’s a real treat to sit outside on the patio and have dinner now. I love watching our birds flying in and out, the squirrels and bunnies casually walking past our feet to go eat, it’s really nice – especially considering we’re sortof in the middle of town. There’s nothing more relaxing and captivating than watching God’s creatures in action and better yet – know that they don’t feel threatened by our presence around them. We get such a great variety of birds now, from Hairy Woodpeckers to Brown Creepers, they’re all amazing.

    We went to Chicago this past weekend to visit my family, and sitting in my sister’s backyard, I heard one bird. Just one. I’m not sure if she regularly hears and sees more than that, but I noticed their absence, and it really made me appreciate our location and feeder so much more.

    I wonder why folks don’t pay more attention to nature. For example, I’ll be out taking a walk, stop and chat with a neighbor and notice a Great Blue Heron flying overhead. I’ll point him out, and it does catch my neighbors attention, but it’s not something he’d normally look for. He was talking about how they’d put up a Hummingbird feeder but hadn’t seen any Hummingbirds. A few minutes later, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a Hummingbird speed right past his feeder and perch in his tree, probably waiting for us to leave so he could eat. It’s a matter of timing, and paying attention, too.

    If more people stopped more often to pay attention to, appreciate, nurture and respect the beautiful things that surrounds us in nature, there would be a lot less stress. It’s amazing what 10 minutes of sitting down in the grass with bare feet – looking up at the clouds or watching birds fly in and out of our yard to eat at our feeder can do to lower my own blood pressure. I encourage you to take 10 minutes today and do just that. And let me know how that makes you feel. You might find it addicting – I know I have.

    And if you want one of these Grand Central Feeding Stations, here are the basics:

    10ft 4×4 green treated lumber
    8ft. green treated 2×4 cut in two 4ft pieces
    Wood screws (2 inch)
    Large screw in hooks

    Jigsaw openings in the 4×4 for the 2×4 pieces. Mine are about 18 inches and 12 inches down from the top. Slide your 2×4 pieces into the holes and secure them with wood screws. Screw your hooks into place and bury your post about 2 feet underground (I have about 8 feet exposed). The tray didn’t work out – it rotted and grew some crazy plants from the seed that fell beneath – so I don’t recommend the tray. It’s really easy to build – lots of folks have used my photo to make their own! Very cool! Have fun with it!


    Robin said,

    That’s so freakin cool! I love it!

    7.10.2007 @ 10:58 am
    pamibe said,

    That is so neat!!! I usually have bird feeders but put them away when we moved here because hubby got tired of shooting the rats/snakes they brought.

    I’ll just appreciate yours vicariously. ;)

    7.10.2007 @ 11:58 am
    Nancy said,

    Nice. The squirrels have eaten ALL my peaches. :(

    And, you are so right. I notice so many things now that I take pictures all the time. There is so much going on that we never pay attention to. I cannot imagine hearing the birds and bugs talk….

    7.10.2007 @ 4:52 pm

    If I put that up in my yard, every black bear in the neighborhood would be visiting and eating and destroying it… We call those bear feeders!

    It is lovely, though!

    7.10.2007 @ 7:59 pm
    Paige said,

    It looks terrific! I know all the birds, bunnies and squirrels are loving your back yard. Your new feeding station looks like the Taj Mahal of backyard feeders.

    I love to sit on my back porch every morning to watch the birds at our feeder. It is so relaxing and a great way to start the day!

    7.10.2007 @ 9:59 pm
    Mom said,

    If you come up with anything that will keep the cats away, then I’m in!! I have a couple of feeders, but we have found a cat, on a couple of occassions, perched atop the neighbor’s garage – just a few feet from the thistle sock. We have 3 bird/chipmunk-eaters that our neighbor turns loose on all of the wild animals in the neighborhood. What to do… :rant:
    I do enjoy and have recorded the “wake up bird”. He sings the same song every day on the same roof points, and shortly thereafter all of the birds are awake and singing. How beautiful to the ears!
    :love: :love:

    7.11.2007 @ 10:17 am
    Michele said,

    Oh Leanne, It is wonderful! I am so fond of having birds visit my garden area that I have more than a few bird feeders (I also spend a considerable amount of time washing the fence from bird droppings because they line up in a pretty row waiting for their spot at the feeder – yes there is a few feeders but there are more than a few birds). Not only do I love watching them but I love the fact that I wake up every day to the sound of birdsong.

    Why does it not surprise me that we share a love of backyard birds?

    7.12.2007 @ 4:04 pm
    Marcia said,

    Wonderful feeder, it doesn’t just serve a purpose for them, it is fun to look at. We have seen maybe two squirrels since we moved to WA, big squirrels, I thought the first one was another animal, it was huge. We have a green protected area of about a half block across the street adn the hill we are all built on has been left natural except for tiny back yards in most every case in our neighborhood. I love sitting beside open windows on the second floor at the lower canopy height and just listen for the birds, the roosters, and the occasional cow mooing in the distance. Nature is awesome. We do not feed the birds, they all seem quite fat out here with so much undergrowth, trees, and earthworms everywhere we dig – and our neighbor’s cat catches enough of them I am told without us making it easier for him.

    7.17.2007 @ 12:34 pm

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    7.31.2007 @ 6:43 pm

    […] a burst of spring fever (Catybug DID see a robin yesterday), I filled my feeders. I admit, I was lax over the fall and winter months. We put food out occasionally but not […]

    2.18.2009 @ 7:35 am
    Kelly said,


    We love your bird station and want to replicate it. How did you connect the 2x4s to the 4×4 post? It looks like the 2x4s go through the 4×4? Is that right?!? Is so, how did you make the hole in the 4×4?!?

    Kelly & Adrienne

    5.23.2010 @ 10:36 pm
    Leanne said,

    Hi Kelly,

    The 2×4 does go through the 4×4 post. There’s a hole boring attachment for a power drill that was used to make two holes, then used a jigsaw to get in there and square it off.

    Hope that helps! I’d love to see pics when you’re finished!

    5.28.2010 @ 6:52 am
    Tammy said,

    :cheerful: Nice!!! I ? the birds

    7.5.2010 @ 3:12 pm
    joe said,

    As a avid birder, you will have issues with roaming cats, It is legal to trap cats on your property, then take to your local humane society,Your info is confidental.

    12.13.2010 @ 6:20 pm
    joe said,

    I must also tell you,it took me almost 2 yrs of buying cat deterents that do not work,water was also usless, Cats always find away around these. Your local police officer as well as humane society will tell you to trap it, Once a cat is trapped on your property it becomes your property legally. I do not advise speaking to your neighbors if they have cats they allow to roam, from experience and going that route in the end The cat still roams on your property in the meantime division between neighbors, do what you need to do.

    12.13.2010 @ 6:25 pm
    Lisa S. said,

    :thanku: I could just cry! LOL Thank you SO much for sharing this feeding station. We just built a new house and there are no large trees near the house. We planted 4 small new maple tree’s, but the feeders are breaking the branches off the tree. I needed to come up with something for the feeder’s and also something that would keep the squirrel’s away. The squirrel’s are destroying my feeders. I can’t wait to show this to my husband. Thank you again!

    10.7.2011 @ 11:55 am
    Leanne said,

    You’re welcome! So glad you found it – it’s been such a blessing to have over the years, even though the squirrels are quite persistent, we have enjoyed many many migrating & unusual birds in our yard because of this feeding station. I’d love to see photos of it if you build it! A few others have based their feeding stations off of our design and it’s so fun to see them popping up in yards all over the country! :)

    10.7.2011 @ 12:00 pm
    Lisa S. said,

    Hi again,

    I have a question. We’re having a massive problem with the squirrels actually destroying our feeders. I don’t understand the part where you said, ” The squirrels can’t get down the 2×4?s to get to the hooks very easily – so we’ve eliminated the need for squirrel proofing anything…”. Don’t the squirrel’s just climb the 4×4 and then walk out on the 2×4’s and down the chain to the feeder’s? Also, on their way up the 4×4 pole, don’t they just jump from the 4×4 onto the feeders hanging near the 4×4? Mine would…..LOL I am near the point of having to stop feeding the birds because the squirrel’s are ruining everything and I don’t want to give up birdwatching as I just love the birds so much. Thanks.


    10.7.2011 @ 12:04 pm
    Leanne said,

    Yes, the squirrels do climb all over it and have destroyed a few feeders over the years. I have found that some squirrel “proof” feeders are somewhat effective, along with wire collapse sunflower seed feeders – and thistle seed (wire) feeders work. The key is not to put things up there that they’re interested in. We keep safflower seed, thistle, black sunflower and suet. They go after the suet and black sunflower – but have not destroyed those cages.

    Here are a couple of feeders that I have that have outlasted the squirrels:
    Double Wild Bird Feeder
    Squirrel be Gone feeder

    10.7.2011 @ 12:18 pm
    Lisa S. said,

    Okay. I’ll check into those. Thanks again. I can’t wait to show this to my husband! Happy birdwatching!

    10.7.2011 @ 12:21 pm
    Leanne said,

    Thanks! You too! If you need dimensions or anything just let me know. We got rid of the tray feeder after a year or so, that was the most complicated part to build. Don’t forget to put a great bird song blend out in the spring to draw those migrating birds in! :D Enjoy!

    10.7.2011 @ 12:41 pm

    Hey wonderful idea, would really like to see plans or kits on mkt…a quick thought for seeds on bottom would be plastic bins that can be cleaned for rainy climates…also for squirrels my dad would put a size appropriate dome over feeders and another application of inverted dome would be on pole to keep climbers down…wish you well in your new endeavurs.

    12.29.2013 @ 4:32 pm

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    2.18.2014 @ 1:23 pm
    Kim said,

    Could you please tell me how this was built ?

    5.6.2014 @ 4:51 pm
    Leanne said,

    I’ve added the basic instructions into the post – hope that helps everyone who asks about how to build it!

    Let me know how yours turns out!

    5.6.2014 @ 5:11 pm
    tracy clyde said,

    so cool :yes:

    6.14.2015 @ 3:58 pm
    Mike said,

    I have 2 acres of backyard. I am going to build 2 of these. Thank you so much. It is beautiful.

    12.21.2015 @ 8:17 am
    Carleen said,

    Thank you for posting this picture and directions. My husband had it made for my birthday, which is next week. So excited. It is already on our back porch for the snowy winter. It will make filling our feeders easier.

    10.12.2016 @ 12:45 pm

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