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  • Mother & Daughter Portrait Complete


    Custom graphite pencil portrait Audrey and Janeice drawing by Leanne Wildermuth

    I’ve completed this pencil portrait of Audrey and Janeice, matted it and have it wrapped in and ready to present to Audrey today at Church. I’m not sure if all my little modifications are even noticeable to you, the eyes, a bit more blending in the skin tone and deepening, I’ve tweaked both of their noses – little things that seemed off to me as I kept looking back and forth from their photo to the drawing.

    custom graphite pencil drawing portrait mother and daughter by Leanne Wildermuth Here’s the piece matted and I’ve signed the matboard and it’s ready to drop into a frame, just in time for Christmas.

    It’s been a busy week here in the studio, I’ve tried to get away a couple of times to get some Christmas shopping done – I’m so glad I can do so much of it online! Today I’ll be getting another piece ready, I’ll be drawing a brindle Pit Bull named Josie over the next week. I’ll also put together my Handmade Gift Exchange packages (Catie joined in on the fun, and her gift is just so cute!), get a hundred or so Christmas cards and postcards addressed, and attend the girls Church Christmas Program later on in the evening.

    If you’re on Facebook – I did get the girls Piano Recital videos uploaded to my wall – go have a peek if you haven’t already, I’m so proud of them!

    I hope you’re all doing well – and that you’re getting everything in order for the Holiday without panic! It always seems there’s less and less time every year, doesn’t it?


    Renee said,

    I was working on my handmade gift…and then realized that the person I got hooked up with probably won’t have much use for it seeing as she lives in the south. It was going to be something wooly. So I’m back to the drawing board. I think I might find something that I can buy at a local shop…but I’ve been too busy to go over there. Will try today or tomorrow.

    12.14.2008 @ 10:25 am
    pam said,

    Oh, that’s beautiful! What a blessing this will be as a gift, Leanne! That’s got to warm your heart, eh?

    Thanks for posting a large pic so I could see the detail… it’s tremendous!!! :thumbsup:

    12.14.2008 @ 12:24 pm
    Jo said,

    Amazing! They are going to love it!

    12.14.2008 @ 2:46 pm
    Sue said,

    What a wonderful drawing. Its amazing what you can do with a pencil. I am sure this will be very special for them. I finally got my cards done today. I looked for last years cards because I never mailed them last year but couldn’t find them LOL… so.. .I had to start all over haha…so everyone will get a newly made out card this year. One less thing to do now.


    12.14.2008 @ 5:59 pm
    Da Goddess said,

    Beautiful job and a wonderful holiday gift! They’re going to be very happy.

    12.15.2008 @ 6:03 am

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